Dirty Bad Wrong by Jade West

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 promising star!

That's what I call a perfect book at the perfect time! I had a meh read last weekend and I picked this one out of the blue.
I remember reading a review who convinced me to add it in my TBR but then on Sunday evening, I saw Shanny's status and that got my attention! I bought it and started on an impulse!
Best decision EVER
I discover a new author I can't wait to read more about and I have a new "coup de coeur" book in my shelf.

The book wasn't perfect, it has several points missing but the truth is by the end, I didn't care. Maybe I'm still in book high but seriously I like it as it is.


You meet Lydia Marsch when she left a boyfriend after he cheated on her. She is a little sad, a little lost and without her knowing, this is the beginning of her new life, a new start that will bring her so much. She will assert herself professionally first , she will make new friends and most importantly she will explore her sexuality.

On the other side you have James Clarke, CTO in the company where Lydia works. He is a mysterious man, nobody really knows him and he need it to stay that way.

Little did he know that when on day he decided to grab a cup of coffee, his life was about to take a turn he didn't really want, just by looking in Lydia's sad green eyes.


Be warned this book is most certainly not for everybody. Dirty Bad Wrong is a title that suits the book perfectly. There's a warning at the beginning and take it seriously. There's a lot of sex but to me it wasn't exaggerated. It's a BDSM book and they are in a BDSM club sometimes so of course you get some actions, hardcore actions.


Our heroine doesn't know she has a submissive side but when she gets to meet the right Master, it become a second nature.
Lydia is a strong woman despite what happened to her and her complex relation with her mom. She is also smart, keen and she stands for herself.

I liked how we are introduced in the BDSM world. Maybe the fact the author is a submissive herself help a lot. The scenes felt real, beautifully detailed, not too much, just the correct amount of word to give you the anticipation you need, to feel the emotions both our MC are going trough.


Why not 5 stars if I loved it so much? As I said at the beginning they were several points missing, maybe the book could have been more specific on certains parts.

We have a beautiful story about two people; one afraid to love, who doesn't allow himself to feel again and another who has a sad past but we never really get a glimpse of it
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There's not a lot of romance, James is no boyfriend material by choice but you get to be in his head with his pov and so you get to see his "soft" side.
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Overall if you are looking for Dirty sex (and I mean really Dirty... there's a scene where I'm still ew about it)

If you are enjoying wrong and bad BDSM elements and are not scared with some hardcore and painful scenes, grab this book>b> You won't regret it ;)

If you want to see the spoilers, go to my review on Goodreads :)

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