Kick by Carmen Jenner

 My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had so many expectations for this but it felt flat in so many ways, I can only be disappointed. But if you want to read this book, don't let my review change your mind. It wasn't that bad. I gave it 3 stars because I did like it. In general, it was well written, entertaining and it keeps you on the edge most of the time.

Just before you start, be warned that this one is pretty hard to read. It deals with dark aspect that are unacceptable

It's also a book where there's a lot of violence, drugs, whores and an anti-hero, not so hero and not so anti either.


Kick is a biker and part of the Savage Saints. He is also broken, a mess and to him fucked up.

I can't get off any other way than by hurting, bruising or punishing when I fuck

One day, his president sent him on a mission but nothing went as planned and instead of bringing back some guy. Kick rescued a woman because she reminded him someone of his past.
And here begins my problems with this book...

Every 2-3 chapters, we get a glimpse of Kick's past to understand what happened to him. Those passages get intertwined with the present, and to me it was too much.

How can you concentrate on a present relationship when you are reminded until the 80% mark that the guy is so broken because of the loss of another woman?

The book didn't work out for me because I never felt connected to Kick or Indie. I didn't understand their connection or attraction. I think one or two chapters to summarize Kick's past would have been sufficient.

Then this...
I'm not the hero in this story; I'm the mother fucking villain


I have to say, it's totally false! I get Kick doesn't have a high esteem of himself but I never really see his villain side. He is only passive in the thing he has to witness but that doesn't make him the villain here.

I wanted a bad guy and I have the impression I had a guy trapped in his life not knowing what to do with himself because he only know the life he is in.

That being said, I will still read other book from this author. Revelry is one of my most anticipated read and I'm excited to read it. Please be good


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