REVIEW: Anything but Mine

Anything But Mine (When You're Gone, #1)
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Logan King is the leader singer of "All the King's Men" for over two decades. With fames comes a price and every year, Logan escapes the craziness to come to Winchester Falls, his little heaven where he can learn how to breathe again.
Every year, the last week of August, he wouldn't miss a chance to participate to the Summer Festival.
This year, he needs it more than ever. His life is a mess and he doesn't know how to get out of hell.


Isabella Grace is new in town, well mostly, it's been a few months now that she open a bookstore with the help of her best friend Nic' and her husband Adam.
While her best friend had found love since her teens, Bella never found someone that make a heart beats enough to consider something serious. She has a past filled with parties and bad choices and she seems to want to forget it. Now she lives in a quiet small town and she just wants to enjoy it.
She also the responsible for the Summer Festival this year and is impatient to prove to herself and the Mayor that she will succeed.

When Logan and Bella met, the least you can say it wasn't foregone! Even if a certain sparks were already in the air, Bella doesn't seem to like the rockstar. Yet Logan is nothing but charming and accommodating. All he wants is the Festival to be a success and he will cross Isabella's path more than once so why be annoying?

Even if things happens in a pretty short period, I loved how feelings developed between them.
Logan is not ready to let a woman in his arms yet. We understand while reading that something must have happened in the past without knowing exactly why.

He doesn't want to let go also because he want Winchester Falls to be his little peace so his first rule is: "No woman in this town"


Bella is reluctant to do anything with him because nothing could come out of it. He will leave in a few days + the fact he draws to much attention.
But how can you avoid the attraction when you feel so much energy when you are around each other? How can you avoid the look in each other eyes?

"All the reasons I saw on your face, don't compete with the fire in your eyes when I say the name Bella"

"You have no idea how much I want to say yes"

Once they give in, they can't keep their hands of each other and it's HAWT!!
Taryn Elliott, I discover you with Cari Quinn and I liked you both but here on your own, I like you even more.
I liked the development of the characters. I like the people around them. I love how you bring different universe in your book ( I remember Johnny Cage ;) – Is there a book about him and his band already?)

Of course, everything can stay perfect, it's a trilogy after all! So when you think they are saved and happy... BAM! Nope something wrong happens.
As I said previously, Logan is a mess before he meets Bella and with her he starts to hope but he also knows his past is not really far and somehow ,even if he wants, he can't escape his biggest fear forever.


I'm happy I already have book 2 to continue their story because even if the ending is not necessarily considered as a cliffhanger it's most definitely not something you want to wait to know more.


Thank you Taryn Elliott for the opportunity to review your book

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