REVIEW: BulletProof Weeks

Bulletproof Weeks (When You're Gone, #2)

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Logan and Izzy's story continues in this second book of the "When you're gone" series


It's been 6 months they were apart because Logan wanted to protect her and that what he still does. Nothing eventful happened but you are never too careful.

Bella on her side tries to life her life but if she has to admit she never really got over Logan. She is kept herself busy with work and doesn't want to think of something else... or better say someone else.
If I have to give a word to summarize the first part of the book, it would be: Honesty
When they meet again, Logan and Bella doesn't simply fall into each other's arms. Logan knows he has an explanation to give and he also knows Bella won't believe anything else than the truth... the whole truth.

At this point of the story, it felt like things were realistic between them. They have a conversation where they don't lie. Logan says he loves her but it felt right when he says it. And when Bella says she could have get over him at some point, I felt there were more to this story than romance. Because I think it could easily have fallen into a stupid love story and it's totally not the case here


Bella is tortured at first because she can get her mind off the fact he lied to her even if it was to protect her. She is also scared of the attention they could draw. She has the impression everything goes to fast with Logan


I loved the conversation she has with her best friend, Nic. While Bella is nothing but worried, her best friend is there to show another side of what Logan is and what he offers.
And so they start a life together. But is it really safe? Is the threat really gone?


I didn't give a higher rating for this book because I was wondering why their story was told in 3 books. I don't know how can I explain myself because I liked both books, the first more than this one but still Logan and Bella are great together and nothing is forced between them.

Their story is beautiful but I feel like book two is more a sort of transition and yeah I wanted more; more moments between them, more moments with Logan on stage and Bella backstage, more time to see their love grow.

And with that kind of ending all I want is book 3



Thank you Taryn Elliott for the chance to review your book

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