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4 "Be careful what you wish for " Stars


How could I explain the state I'm in after reading Hero... Do you remember the time when you meet your first love and then reconnect after many years where you lost sight? Well that's me right now.
When it comes to books and book boyfriend, my first "love" were CEO. And right now I met my first love again after so many books and times apart.


Caine Carraway is an ass... well it's not said as it is in the book but that's what I thought about him after the first chapter. What he's for sure is intimidating, cocky, demanding, ruthless and a little rude.
Thank God it's only a facade.

Alexa Holland couldn't believe her eyes when she found Caine in the same room as her because she knows something that might send Caine over the edge if he ever found out who she is.

From the beginning, I liked the fact that the story doesn't round in circles. We know immediately who Alexa is, what happen with Caine's parents, ...
Unfortunately for her, but as expected, the famous CEO doesn't react well to Alexa being an Holland.
But she is decided to not let it go. It's not because her father made horrible things in the past that she has to be responsible for it + she's nothing like a father, she would find a way to prove it!

" I wish Caine would see what I saw – that we were the same in some ways. I didn't want to be someone he hated"

"I couldn't explain the connection I felt to him. I just knew that it was possible I was the only person who could understand his pain,..."

Thinking he would make her life hell, Caine hired her as his PA... but who will give in first?

The conversation and time together are fun, intuitive. They play cat and mouse without it being tiring for us readers.
Samantha Young manages to captivate us with her story, even though it was quite predictable for me but still a total success!!

Alexa is a clever, smart young woman who is asserting herself and never shows she can be intimidated sometimes. Yet she has a sensitive side, she wasn't spoiled in life even if she can't complain either.

"I felt alone. Alone, unloved and with no one to trust"
"Like always I'd be second best"

Caine is someone secretive. He controls his emotions like no other and he isn't easily moved. How long will he resist his smart-ass PA?

" Caine was ambitious and hardworking. He was strong and stubborn and ruthless, but he was also this contradiction. He could be kind and companionate and generous"

More and more books are told from dual pov and I almost forgot what it was like to have a story told only from one pov. And ad weird as it can be, I like not to be in Caine's head. I wanted to at some moment but I liked the fact we only have Alexa pov.


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