REVIEW: Risking it all

Risking it All (Crossing the Line, #1)Risking it All by Tessa Bailey
My rating: 5 stars

It's official! Tessa Bailey is now a new fav' author for me. From now on, I'll be directly one-clicking all books she will release in the future. Not that I had a doubt about it because after I read "His risk to take", I bought all her books and all I have to find is time to read them all.

Even if "Risking it all" is a stand-alone, I suggest you to read "His risk to take" and "Riskier business". You meet Bowen Driscrol several times in them and you get to know him a little better before fully diving in this one.

Seraphina Newsom is someone determined, and also a little reckless. Without warning anybody, she decide to go undercover to discover the truth and get evidences about the death of her brother. She knows the criminal who did it and when she sees an opportunity to enter his world, she takes it.
What she never expect was to meet another criminal, Bowen Driscol.


Bowen is in charge of a district in Brooklyn since his father has been arrested. Not that he wanted the position, but what else could he do? Moreover he feels a little guilty about it because he somehow helped a little.

But things are about to change the day the police is going to make a deal with him. Because how is he supposed to resist once he saw the look of a young innocent girl who weaks in him protective feelings.
From the start, their attractation is strong. The sexual tension kept growing and growing! Sera doesn't really know what to do, she's a virgin after all! And Bown is catch off-guard between his desire for her and what he knows about her.

"The physical attraction he felt with her couldn't be faked, but the idea of her using it against him made him undeniably angry.

I have to admit I was surprised that Sera had no experience. I wondered how the author was going to manage to spice things up and at the same time make sure that everything happens without being forced. After all, all her men are demanding, sexual and she is also know for her sex scenes, right?
I should have know better! It was schorching hot. During the first half of the book, the "non-sex" scenes were what I love the most!



There are so many things to discover about Bowen that I couldn't put the book down. The moments between both our Mc are moments of revelations, of truth (most of the time) and I've learnt so much. Bowen has a good heart and doens't really want to stay stuck where he's in life. He wants something better and since Sera appeared in his life, he starts to hope.

"You are my home, Sera. The only one I've ever had. I want to be yours, too. Let me

Sera spent her life doing what she's been told. She is sick and tired to be passive. She wants to make her own choice and her choice... it's Bowen!


If you loved books that get under you skin with a possessive yet protective man and with just the dirty talk you need, with all the hotness in bed. And if you are looking for an heroine who doesn't make it easy, who's strong but can let it go when in the arms of someone she can trust ---> READ THIS BOOK!

I guarantee you you will continually ask for more and that at the end, you will have a smile on your face.


Tessa Bailey, thank you for writing book just like I love them with men like I want. You're the best in your genre.


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