Another week another #TeaserTuesday!! =D

First, one of the most anticipated book I've heard about : Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens. Once you discover Kellan Kyle, you will never let him go... One problem for me: Kiera! I struggle so much with her in the first book, but no matter what this book is for sure  I will read it with all my heart ♥

I can't resist to share a teaser from my fav' book boyfriend: Hudson Pierce ♥ Never after reading so many books did I change my mind about him. He was, he is and he will be my one and only book husband. If you never read about him, please do, you won't be disappointed ♥

Last but not least, a teaser about one of my future reads: Tight by Alessandra Torre. I've known this author since her Innocence series and I'm always in awe with her ability to surprise me. Another time I will share something about Black Lies which was one of my fav' read in 2014 but for now a little something about Tight which was realeased on February 7

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