REVIEW: Three, Two, One

Three, Two, One (321)Three, Two, One by J.A. Huss
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J.A. Huss is one of the author that always suprised me when reading one of her books.
When I first started to read her Dirty, Dark, and Deadly series I didn't know what the book was about and I never expect to have (view spoiler)
And when I read her Social Media series, I didn't expect (view spoiler)
Here in 3,2,1 I imagine all possible scenarios and I was far from the thruth. So Julie, keep you approach in books! And especially your EOBS!


"Three, Two, One... action"


It's been a little more than a day since I finished this book and I can't stop thinking about it.
This story will for sure mess with you mind because clearly there's a lot to process.
I don't think I will tell a lot about the plot because this one is better if you go in blind.
Don't read too much reviews because most definitely nothing will prepare you for this experience.


You will enter a world where opposites attract, where good and bad mixed, where each action leads to questions.
You will meet Blue, the lost girl but also Ark and JD, the very antithesis of one another.

"We are polar. I'm north and he is south. We are equal and opposites in almost every way imaginable. We are this and that. Black and white. Rough and calm"

I can already reassure those who are afraid of a love triangle because it's not. Yes there are three people involved but do not go on appearances.

"What are the chances a person finds their one soulmate in their one lifetime? What are the chances they find out they have two?"


I devoured this book and it captivated me beyond measure. I was completely immersed in this crazy story. Each time I was turning a page, I wondered what would happen, what would be the questions that would arise. I started to have theories in my mind each crazier than the other.


Ark is a secret character, mysterious and even if we are in his head, I couldn't help to ask myself if he wasn't messing with us.
One thing for sure he loves Blue and is attracted to her right away even if he doesn't know why. He feels really protective of her and he want to saver her from herself, a little like he already did with his friend, J.D. years ago.

"Everybody's got a past. Everybody is running from some demon or another. Everybody needs a second chance. If there's a person out there who has not fucked up royally and needed second chance,... well, that person hasn't lived yet"

There's a lot of sex scenes in this book and I read some negative reviews about it. But for me it was more than that. I've seen that the deep connection between them three is not only lust and sex but far more...


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