ARC REVIEW: After Dark by M.Pierce

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4.5 I want it with you star

"What is love, if not the power to destroy"

I have a love/hate relation with the Night Owl trilogy. If you read my review for Night Owl and Last Light, you will see I had a problem with the two books and the way they made me feel. In Night Owl, Matt drove me mad and crazy. I had a lot of questions and him being an extreme asshole I didn't like him a lot.
But I stuck to it and Last Light was a real challenge. I didn't know what was better: keep reading or DNF the book. Nothing happened like I thought or wanted. I didn't understand Hannah's love for Matt and him... he was more than ever a bastard! But what saved the book for me, was the emotions I felt throughout my read. I was completely insane, wanted to throw my kindle and for me when a book left you feeling something even negative, and because the end gives me hope, I decided I had to wait until After Dark to see if finally I would have more info on Matt, on what I thought there was for him.


I was really anxious and nervous to start After Dark but if you've seen my rating and my different status, you already know that I completely love the book! It was the PERFECT ending for them!
Matt and Hannah are now together facing their new life and what it being a couple entails. And believe me when I say, it's a real challenge for them!

Their main problem has always been the communication. Matt is secretive but here he tries so hard to open up . His session with his shrink helps him a lot and for Hannah he's ready to be better. He really makes an effort in confiding himself. At the beginning, he's not completely honest for example with his sexual fantasies but he knows he will get them there in time.

Hannah annoyed me at the beginning, for me she didn't really evolve. She kept judging him a lot instead of trying to understand him or trying to find a way to reach to him. She knows Matt has problems with expressing what he feels and she could have been more understanding in some situation. She also kept lying to him and hiding him because she feared Matt's reaction and I wasn't happy about it.

"Be honest. About things that happen, about how you feel. Small lies and secrecy may not seem like a big deal but you know water gets into rocks, freezes..."

Of course, they was a lot of fight between them but here again when they fight I see so much growth because as much as they fought, NEVER in a million time their love was at stack. No matter what, their trust each other. Matt was cute because he always find a way to soften Hannah's mood and she did the same.


When there's a lot of fight, what do you think there's? Make up sex? Yes!! And there too, there was a lot of HOT make up sex! Remember kinky Matt from Night Owl? He's back!! At first it's kinda soft. Matt has some desires and he's not sure Hannah will be ok with his most twisted/disturbing sexual desires. They will have to takes baby steps to discover a new side in their relation. And what was beautiful was how Hannah was willing to try because she loves him and most importantly she trusts him!



After Dark touched me in more ways then one. Matt and Hannah are everything a couple should be. They love each other so much, they trust each other, they are independent people who can rely on each other. They listen and respect each other. They always find a way back to each other when something is wrong.


If you had some issues with Matt in the first books like me, you will absolutely ADORE him here. He was still Matt but I understood him better, I was more in sync with his thought and the way he acted.
It was fun to see how Matt acted with Hannah but she didn't feared to do the same with him. 

You discover a lot on Matt and how he really is. Prepare some tissues because if you are anything like me the last 20 % will be very emotional. I cried so much because I was sad, because I was happy, because I was mad, because I was relieved.

After Dark is the perfect balance to end Matt and Hanna's story. A book about love and what to do to keep it, to be better for the one you love, to be closer from the one you love, to show you that nothing is perfect but when you put yourself at risk, there's always someone there waiting for you, to understand you, to simply be there for you


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