ARC REVIEW: Shaken, not Stirred by Sawyer Bennett

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Shaken, not stirred is the last book in the Last call series. While I'm a little sad to let all those fabulous characters go, I'm also very happy to finally get the story of Casey Markham.
If you never read a book in this series, know that it's ok to read this as a stand-alone. But rest assured that once you start this series, you'll be addicted.


Casey Markham is the younger sister of Hunter (On the Rocks) and Brody Markham (Make It a Double-currently free). She is a very beautiful woman and she knows it. It's not that she is cocky, not at all she just knows the effect she has on men and yes sometimes she plays with it but she never mislead someone, she never gives hope to man she is with.
See there's something about Casey you should know: She doesn't get involved

~"I have tremendous capacity of love. It's just something I would prefer to avoid outside of my friends and family"~

She prefers to have sex with strangers because she refuses to feel something and don't think of talking about love


Even if she saw all her friends and family get involved with their perfect match, she doesn't see herself that way... or if I could rephrase she is not willing to take the risk to be that way.

Before starting this book I was really scared because I loved all different characters and I knew Casey was different because she seems more "difficult". I didn't really understand her reluctance to be with someone. She is a strong independent woman who loves the people around so much. Why does she felt the need to avoid having love feelings?
I should have known better! Sawyer Bennett delivers here a wonderful story, about love, trust, about how to let your guard down and let someone in and most importantly about how a relationship should be.
Like I said I was scared to have a rebellious woman who fought against everything, yet it wasn't the case.

But let's get back to the story and let's met our hero... Tenn Jennings, bad boy looks with tattoo all over his body.


Tenn has decided to move out to be near his daughter and when Kyle one of his friend told him he wanted to visit his sister (Andrea - With a Twist) who lived not far from where he has to go, he decide to accompany him.
But because things never happen the way they should, Tenn can't see his daughter before a week and instead of starting to see if a life across the country is possible, he find himself helping a beautiful girl who seems to have problems changing one of her tires.
He is immediately attracted to this girl who seems confident and who push his buttons the moment he sets his eyes on her.
And for once, he might be lucky enough when he discover who she is. Casey on the other hand doesn't really know how to react. Her first instinct is to push this guy away as far as possible. She know he is dangerous and not in a bad way.


I can't tell you my fav' part of the book because I think the whole book was absolutely impeccable!
Tenn is the dominant male with a soft side. While he excels in the bedroom with his dirty talk, he is nothing but protective and caring with Casey when she needs him to be.

Very quickly Casey let her guard down. She can't deny her attraction for Tenn and I really appreciate the fact she doesn't question everything she was feeling. Yes she is scared but she is also aware it might be different this time. I don't talk about love here, not yet, but I refer to trust . Even if they start to be involved with each other, she knows she has to take baby steps.

~The more I consider major changes in my life, the more I might have to admit to myself that I've wasted a good portion of it.
All of this produces anxiety. All of this stresses me out. All of this makes me feel ashamed of my choices in life.
And yet...the view before me does tend to alleviate some of that anxiety. It tends to make me forget about stresses and poor choices~

Their relation slowly progress in front of our eyes and it's beautiful. Casey is an honest woman who always speaks her mind. Tenn is a caring guy who is not afraid to go for what he wants. They both know what changes could bring in their lives and they take their time.


Casey is so oblivious of what a real relationship is and it's so cute to read. Tenn gave her the assurance of what she has to except and he never let her down.

I tended to say Make it double is my favorite but Shaken, not stirred might just have stealed the spot


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