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Could an ending be more perfect than what we have here for Jonathan and Monica? ♥


CD Reiss has written an absolutely perfect book for the fans of this couple.

In this book, you have it all: angst, questions, doubts, pain, hope, joy, love (lots of love), sex and mostly trust.
As I said... perfect!
If you read Coda, it's because you have already read her Submission series but if not please don't go any further ;)

The first 5 chapters reminded me of something and I went back in my books and found out that it was taken from Monica so if you don't remember everything, don't worry.

We are now 6 months after Jonathan has his heart surgery and things begins to get back to normal... well no, not to normal... at least not for them.

Jonathan and Monica have a hard time coping with what happen and with their new life.
Jonathan doesn't fill like himself anymore and Monica is scared to loose him.

When we got home from the hospital, Monica and I eventually made love again. Still I wasn't myself. I was mostly me and partly someone else

Their sex life is nothing like it was used to and both of them suffer without telling the other.

I missed my freedom, and I missed slavery

What I loved the most at this moment was how both of them are ready to sacrifice all they have for the other. They are struggling, they know it but never in a million thought would they want to hurt the other.
It's enthralling how these two are in sync with each other even in a darker time.

Page after page, you see them taking their life back! Being the dominant, it's Jonathan set his mind first


The way they communicate is off the charts! Sex is powerful with them. Jonathan excels in reading Monica's mind and she has too much integrity to lie to him.

"Are you happy?" he asked
I didn't answer
"I asked you a question"
"Yes, sir"
"Is that your answer"
"It's confirmation that I heard you"
"Answer me, are you happy?"
"No, I'm not"


I've never read a book other than CD's where you have pain and it feels natural. You are completely carried to a level of pure ecstasy with all the sex they have. Even the most painful and raw sex feels right. Monica craves pain and Jonathan is a true master.


It's in moment of despair that you see how much you care, how much you count and these two have had enough trouble in their life.
They deserve their happiness because no matter what, they are one

Once you'll finish CODA, you will want to start over. Read this very slowly, enjoy each and every word, sentence, emotion and feeling because that's the best you could do for Jonathan and Monica.
And then at the very end, keep the smile I know you are having


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