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AFFAIRYTALE, A Memoir by C.J. English is a story you read only once in a lifetime!
This is a true love story, C.J. is a real living person who poured her heart out in her own book.
This is not about cheating but more a friends to lovers book. When  a love is so true, so right, so real, you can fight all you want, love conquers all ♥

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I had an affair. The most forbidden and seductive affair, and fell in Love.

He was a rare gentleman, intelligent and gorgeous; a man every woman desired. Every cell in my body was telling me that he was my happily ever after. I was stuck in a marriage of mediocrity, I ached for red silk romance and carry me away passion, but not with my husband. I craved Him. Living without him was cruel and unusual punishment, even for my wandering heart. 

Affairytale is a tantalizing memoir of sultry encounters, hidden grottos and secret hillside cabins. From the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes to the Southern shores of Maui you’ll fall in love with this tell-all memoir that pulls back the veil on infidelity and gives you rare look into hearts and bedroom of a real life extramarital affair. Woven with original love letters and scandalous text messages, this engrossing true love story is sure to break then win your heart. 

True Love always finds a way. starts with an affair. 

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Affairytale is probably a story you only read once in a lifetime.
Thanks to the amazing review of my friend, Flo, I had the chance to read a unique love story.

I also wanted to thank my dear friend Allison for contacting me because without you, I wouldn't have spent my entire week end in company of such a life-changing story.


Affairytale is not a fiction, it's a real story .
C.J, the heroine is a real living person and for me, the way I approach this book was totally different from others. I find it so humble of her to share her thoughts, her experiences, her difficulties, her doubts. She completely trusts the readers with her book. She bared herself and she never hides behind false pretenses.
The way she tells her story is how she lived it, how she felt it and how she remembered it.

I asked myself how I could really give my opinion on her book.
When I write a review, it's all fictional. Mostly, the characters don't exist but here they are all real, they are all alive.
And that's the beauty of it. That's what makes it so special.


If you've read the blurb you already know that Affairytale is not a traditional love story BUT it's not what you think either

C.J. English embark us in a journey, in her life. We got back to twelve years to fully understand from where she comes to where she is now.

As a nineteen years old girl, C.J. is in search of what her life is going to be. What choices does she has to make to be happy. Because it's that simple. Happiness is within everyone's reach and everyone has to make the right decisions to make it happen.


Still who can think that it's so easy? C.J certainly thought she was doing what was suppose to be done – for her, for her family, for her daughter, she married the wrong man.

There's one thing that touched me a lot in her story. It's the thought to be alone. I can totally relate to the feeling you don't want to handle, that I don't want to handle.
I think that's what suck me in right away. I connect immediately with her way of thinking, with her fear, with her apprehension.


When reading I asked myself a lot what would I have done?
When you meet your soulmate a little too late, when your life is already on the move, do you stop everything and throw everything away to take a chance?
In books, you do it without a doubt. But in real life? I'm not so sure...
When C.J. met Grant, she is not happy. She already had doubts about what to do with her life. Both of them are getting closer, become friends, great friends. And they never cross a line.

“Do you think marriage can be fun and easy?” “I think so. If you wait for the right person, be picky and don’t settle.”“So that’s what you’re doing?” He shrugged, “I guess.” “Is there someone you have in mind?” A shy smile grew on his face. “Maybe?”

For those who are scared about cheating, for those who doesn't like cheating, I want to be perfectly clear: This book is not about that.
Did you paid attention to the title? A ffairy tale.
I know I didn't write it correctly but put this way, it makes perfect sense.


I can't imagine how hard it was for the author to put her feelings into words. She let the readers know everything about her. Her writing was unconditionally spellbinding. Be prepare to laugh, to swoon, to cry (a lot), to worry... in one word : to feel

You'll be consumed by all the love C.J. and Grant have for each other.
Discover how two friends fought against their nature to do what's right or what's supposed to be right.

Let them convince you that you can fight all you want, when true love is there, there's no chance in denying it. You only have to let it in and welcome it

“Sometimes I feel like you’re still holding back. I mean, I understand why you would be, but… I feel like there’s so much more to us than we talk about; I feel like we have something that most people only dream of but never get to experience. Do you feel that way too?” “C.J.,” he said quietly, “I feel it. Trust me, I feel it. And I’ll keep showing you if you let me. I won’t hold back anymore.”

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