BLOG TOUR + ARC REVIEW: Rules of Seduction by Joya Ryan

Rules of Seduction
Serve #7
By: Joya Ryan  
Releasing June 9th, 2015
Entangled Brazen

descriptionHe'll be the dream and the dirty fantasy... 
Through with both her controlling ex and relationships, Ava Webber is determined to explore the spicy and sometimes forbidden appetites of the exclusive BDSM nightclub, Serve. Here, she'll get exactly what she long as it's from a man she doesn't know.

Nolan Hart ensures that Serve's clients get what they want, how they want it. But with one look at the curvy brunette, Nolan knows he’s the man to fulfill her desires. As the anonymous lover, he's Ava’s dirtiest fantasy. Outside of Serve, he's her charming, smartass friend.

But Nolan wants more. More than Ava is willing to give. And as long as the blindfold stays on, she'll never discover that the two men she's falling for are one and the same...


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My rating: 4 of 5 stars


That was such a pleasant read =)
It's my first "Brazen" story. I've finally read one and I'm sincerely thinking of catching up whenever I have the opportunity.

I know those books are quite a quick read and Rules of Seduction was exactly that. I was expecting a lot of sexy moment, a lot of pleasure and a lot of steam. But truthfully, I even get more.

"Serve was her saving grace. A chance to experience freedom, passion, and never ever have to risk anything more. No feelings. No emotion. No commitment. No kind of relationship at all. Just sex. Healthy, anonymous sex."

I'm gladly surprised to see that even if the story is short, the author manage to tell a story who can be realistic.

Of course, both M.C., Nolan and Ava are falling fast but I guess that comes with this kind of story. And when I know what to expect, I'm not frustrated with the insta-connection.


In Rules of Seduction, Ava who is new in town comes to Serve ( a sex club) because she wants to fulfill her fantasies. She got Nolan attention quickly because she doesn't seem to know what her limits are.
Nolan interviews her to know what she needs in term of sec and when this girl claims she is ready for anything, he can't really believe her.

“I want to touch him however he’ll let me, and he can have me however he wants. I don’t know how to be more clear than that. Unless you’d like to run through every single scenario?”

Ava has one hard limit. She wants everything to happen anonymously. She doesn't want to see, just feel

“I want to be consumed. In any way he wants to take me. Because the minute I step out of the scene, it’s over and back to the real world.”

Nolan is not sure which guy could be her match. He feels he can fit the role but he also know if he becomes the anonymous lover, the lines will be blur.

With Rules of Seduction, there's enough background to Ava and Nolan to see beyond their sexual relation. Both of them become friends even if Ava is shy about it. She has her reasons to be cautious. She keep things compartmentalize but she let her guard fall down easily too.

Nolan is fun, very protective. He let himself fall and feel but not really in term of love, not right away which for me help a lot to find this story realistic enough to enjoy it a lot.


I spent yesterday afternoon with an entertaining book. I laughed a lot, I was hooked during the whole time. Ava and Nolan are a bsexy things together. What do you need more?

“And what am I supposed to call him?” “I suspect you’ll likely call him, ‘Oh God,’ or ‘More, God, more.’ Either way, likely the title of ‘God’ will be used.” She laughed. “This guy is that sure of himself, huh?” He shrugged.“I’m not a gossip king, but I’ve heard a few things. He’s one of the best Serve has to offer.”

Despite the many steps it had taken her to wind up sitting and waiting for membership at Serve, nothing would now deter her from the path she’d chosen.
It was time.
Time she truly moved on. Time she admitted what she wanted. Time to go after it.
The moment her lungs filled with oxygen on a heavy inhale, the door opened and a tall, muscled man walked in, flipping through what looked to be her extensive questionnaire.
“Ava Webber?” he asked, eyes fused to the paper.
He kicked the door shut with his foot, flipped to another page, and frowned. He still hadn’t met her eyes yet, which was a shame, because even in the low light, she could tell his eyes were not only the iciest blue she’d ever seen, they were intense. Power and strength radiated from him as he took his seat behind the desk. His big body settled into the chair, and all his muscles flexed beneath the thin black T-shirt he wore. Her mouth watered. Just the way he moved was hypnotizing.  
“There’s a problem with your application,” he said, and now he looked at her. But the sound of his voice and the finality in his tone made a rise of panic swell in her gut.
“What? No, that can’t be. I read through the entire handbook, and I’m confident I meet every requirement.”
His eyebrows furrowed. He leaned forward and placed his hands on the desk. Which did crazy amazing things to those impressive biceps of his.
“You didn’t fill out section three completely,” he said, flipping to the page in question and sliding it in front of her. “For preference in a partner, you put male.”
“Is that a problem?”
He tossed her a lethal grin, and she suddenly felt a little giddy. Whoever this man was, he knew how to work a room—likely a woman, too—and had a special kind of swagger that was gifted from god and well-honed over the years. He glowed with confidence and an alpha intensity that matched the gleam of the laid-back charm in his eyes.
Male is a good start. Narrows the attendees down by half. But usually I’m given more to work with. Like body type, hair color, eye color—”
“I don’t care about any of that.” Her response seemed to take him off guard, but it was the truth. “All I care about is that it’s anonymous sex.”
He looked at her for a long moment. “That’s a problem. Because see on section five? Sexual preferences, boundaries, hard limits, personal wants and desires?”
She nodded, looking at the section in question. “What’s your point?”
“You put any.”
“I’m aware.”
“As am I. Which is why I’m concerned.”
Ava took a deep breath. Hottie McSexyGrin was grilling her. He was the last step before she could participate in this club. She absently gripped her ring finger. Even with the discarded ring sitting in a drawer at home, she still felt its weight.
She couldn’t lose this chance. She needed a place like Serve. Needed to feel alive again and needed this man to stop blocking her from the path she’d discovered. A path that would finally let her be free.
“I don’t understand your concern.” She tapped the paper. “I’m open to any experience, hence the word.”
He raised an eyebrow. “Yes, I can read, sweetheart. But I’m not sure you understand all Serve has to offer. If you leave yourself open to anything, I can assure you, you just may get that.”
“I see we finally understand each other.”
He sat back in his chair and looked at her with amusement. “In the spirit of understanding each other, let’s go through a list.”
He shrugged. “Yeah, you seem to be open to anything, but I need to be clear on your desires, so we’ll start with your pussy.”
“Excuse me?”
“Oh, I’m sorry, did I offend you? Or are you not sitting in the middle of a sex club and claiming to be open to anything?”
Great, not only was this guy sex on a stick, he was a smartass trying to call her bluff. Fine, she could play.
“What is it you’d like to know?”
“Several things,” he admitted with a heat in his eyes that made her thighs tingle. “Do you like your pussy to be sucked? Fucked? Made love to?”
She held her posture as still as possible. “All of the above.”
“And what about your man? Assuming I assign you one. What do you want to do to him?”
“Whatever he wants.”
He tsked. “Oh sweetheart, that is the best and worst answer you could give.”
“I don’t see how me wanting to please the man you will assign me is a bad thing.”
He grinned, obviously picking up on her determination that she wasn’t leaving without what she’d come for.
“Not bad, just trying to keep your expectations in check. He may decide to fuck your mouth for a while before touching you otherwise.”
“Sounds great.” And it really did. There was something about sucking a man that really turned her on. Not that she was going to go into details about that since the guy on the other side of the desk was baiting her as it was.
He shook his head. “I don’t think you know what you’re asking for.”
That’s where he was wrong. She’d thought about this more than he could know, and she knew exactly what she was asking for. Time he understood she was confident in her choice.
“I want to touch him however he’ll let me, and he can have me however he wants. I don’t know how to be more clear than that. Unless you’d like to run through every single scenario?”
The sarcasm in her voice made his amusement fire into something a little more lusty. His shoulders stiffened. She was wearing him down, showing she could handle what she was asking for, and slinging him back a taste of his own medicine.

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