REVIEW: Unforgiven by Elizabath Finn

descriptionA mistake made long ago…

Pain buried so deep…

When Bailey Trent returns home to her small little Ozark mountain town after being away for nearly six years, she knows she’ll face the ghosts of her past. It does not mean she’s prepared to come face to face with the cruelest of those memories.

Darren Cory’s life is a shell of what it once was, and when he’s forced to endure the cause of his agony, hatred abounds quickly. But hating Bailey destroys him too.

Can Darren find a way to move past the pain and forgive the woman he once cared so much for before his anger consumes them both? Or will he drag them into the hell of an unforgiven past.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars


« You will always be my world. »

It's a good damn thing I'm reviewing this one after all the emotions I've been through.

It's a good way to try to express how I felt throughout my read. I think if you only look at my different updates, you can already see this story was not all flowers and sweet words.

Unforgiven is more a journey to be able to move on, a journey of love, a journey of forgiveness.

« I want . . . I want so much to hate you. Do you know what that’s like? Do you have any idea what it’s like to see you, smell you, be near you again, feel your skin? Can you imagine what it is to hate someone so much, and yet . . . You destroyed everything. »

I don't really want to tell too much about the story. I fear I will reveal too much. The book revolves around one event and everything around this event will have painful and heartbreaking consequences.


From the beginning I was completely connected to Darren and Bailey. The fact the book is told for a part between past and present create for us reader a contest to understand where both characters are coming from and what are their connection.

Darren has always been attracted by Bailey. However as his sister best friend, he never tried to act on it. But after the major event, there was no question he needed; he had no other choice than to stay away.

« Why can’t I stay away from you? I’ve never been able to stay away from you. »

What I've liked the most was Elizabeth Finn's writing. The emotions that are portrayed throughout the book felt so real. I was sometimes overwhelmed with the pain, the loss, the guilt and the love there are.

« Don’t give up yet.”
He studied her eyes and then decided to humble himself even more.
“There are times when I’m with you that I feel more at peace than I have in so long. I’m not asking you for anything more than time. And perhaps a bit of an open mind.”
Her brow furrowed in confusion.
“Open mind for what?”
« Open mind to just let go for a while. Give up the expectations and assumptions. "

I can't pull out one scene more than another to show how raw I felt when reading about Darren and Bailey.


Bailey is such a strong woman. She must feel guilty with everything that had happened, still she is ready to please and help Darren the way he wants.
She has to pay for one mistake – a huge one - but one she couldn't really have controlled IMO. Her life has been shattered and she still manages to stay strong.

Darren is a complex guy. Most of the time, he is such a jerk. His impossible attraction to Bailey is the end for him. He tries to fight all he wants but it's still there.

« She was the center of his universe whether he wanted her to be or not, and at the moment, he so completely wanted her to be. »

I loved him from the start because I get what he has to go through.
Elizabeth Finn gives us a fantastic characters development for both of them.
Being told in dual pov, it was easier to love Darren since I knew exactly what was is his head. It allows to figure him out, to perceive his actions. Yes there were times I found his behavior was almost unforgivable. Only I keep asking myself what would I have done in his position?

« I need you here! Because I know if you leave, then this is the place I’m going to be for the rest of my life.”
“No. This.” “This! Us. I need to deal with this. I have to, or . . . or I swear to God, it’s going to kill me.»

I know there's a second book with Darren and Bailey but honestly I don't think I will read it. After all they've been through, all they have suffered; their ending in Unforgiven is perfect for me


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