Blog Tour + Arc Review : Dirty Bad Strangers by Jade West

Title: Dirty Bad Strangers 
Author: Jade West 
Genre: Erotic

He calls me his dirty girl.
He’s just a caller, a sex line client, an anonymous pervert like all the others.
Except he isn’t.
He’s under my skin… his voice, his laugh, his twisted fantasies.
He wants to watch me with other men. Lots of other men.
He wants me blindfolded and bound and taken by strangers until I’m a used-up mess.
Then he wants to take me himself.
I should hang up, report him to my supervisor.
But I won’t. I can’t
… because I want him, too.

Gemma Taylor was born to be a chatline operator. Her filthy mouth and a filthier imagination make her hot property on sex chat. The hours are great and the money’s even better. She’s onto a good thing; finding her feet in the big smoke of London with a couple of old school friends.
Until he calls.
The rules of chatline are clear: no personal information, no breaches of confidentiality, and absolutely no other forms of communication of any kind.
So why is she giving him her number? Why the hell is she planning on blindfolding herself and leaving her door unlocked for him?
Gemma Taylor’s in deep.
And she’s about to get deeper.
Much, much deeper.

Warning: As with the other Dirties, this book is exactly what the title suggests. A filthy tale of unlikely romance, featuring group sex, bondage, and the usual kind of extremity readers have come to expect from the pen of Jade West. Definitely, definitely 18+. A strong disposition certainly a bonus

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars


"Sometimes you just know someone’s the right kind of wrong"

Jade West doesn't joke around with her warnings. I want to start my review by saying that if you can't handle a lot of sex, dirty sex and if quotes like this one under shock you, it's maybe best to stay clear from this book.

“You give me to a roomful of strangers... you watch as they fuck me... they fuck me so fucking hard, Jason... and you love it...” I’ll watch them pound your tight little snatch until you’re fucking spent, then I’ll fuck the gaping fucking hole they left... that what you want? It’s what I fucking want...”

I would say 65-70 % of the book is about sex. But this is also where Jade West does her magic. She has a way to put a story, a real one behind all this and that works perfectly!

"So many things I wanted to say. Stupid things. Things about her beautiful laugh, and the way her gorgeous tits felt pressed against my palms. Things about the way she made me smile when I thought of her. How she’d made me feel alive again. How much she excited me."

Gemma Taylor is a chat line operator. It's been now two months that a certain caller keeps her attention and stir up her own fantasies.
But they are rules. The chat lines have to stay professional only.
So what happened when the lines begins to blur?

Jason Redfern is a football (soccer) player...and married. Let's be assure this is all for the show and the press.
The smiles and the appearances are all to keep a straight face for the media.
It's been nearly two months that he keeps calling the same chat-line girl. And as day goes by, he can't seem to get her out of his head.

Both of them seem to have the same kink. But is it only to turn him on or is it real?

I was enthralled in this story right away for two reasons:
1) I like my reads to be naughty, to be steamy. When I'm in the right mood, it doesn't bother me that the book is filled with sex scenes.
2) Jason reminds me a lot of David Beckham (honestly the guy is HOT as hell) I choose to put him in my casting even if his physical description isn't what Jade describe in her book, everything else made me think about him. His job, his wife and the scandal that goes with it

But I digress, the story wasn't about him and the scandals weren't the same.

Now that the presentations are made, we can get down to the real stuff... the kink


Gemma's fantasy is being taken by multiple partners anonymously.
Jason likes to watch and can offer her a safe environment. He also likes to participate and he likes the premises of anonymity.

“You’ll take cock, dirty girl, lots of cock, but all for me, and only for me. Understand?”

Jade West has really step up her writing with Dirty Bad Strangers. I've loved the first two books but this one got me hooked.
The balance between steamy scenes and "normal" situations were perfect. She introduces us , readers, slowly where she wants us. She takes us slowly a little further in the fantasy and she keeps pushing the barriers subtly.


The whole story is based on being strangers and how it is exciting for Gemma and Jason but you can't forget that this is also romance so I was wondering if an HEA were in the cards for this atypical couple.

I also loved how Jade comes to bring her others couples in the book. It's indirect but brilliantly done.

Over three books, Jade West has become an auto-buy author for m and I couldn't advice more for people interested in the genre to grab her books.

Jade West is a contemporary erotic author, real life submissive, and former sex chat-line operator, who is plenty used to getting people all steamed up with her dirty mouth. Her debut release, Dirty Bad Wrong, smashed into the Amazon top 100 in February 2015, followed by Dirty Bad Savage in June - an Amazon top 100 bestseller in 4 countries. Dirty Bad Strangers, the latest tale of debauchery and unlikely romance, released September 19th.

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