Review: Childstar 3 by J.J. Mc Avoy

Childstar 3 by J.J. McAvoy 
Publication Date: November 17 2015 

Amelia London is America's sweetheart.
Noah Sloan is America's bad boy. Both are former child stars and once were lovers. When they are cast as the leads in the upcoming erotic suspense blockbuster—Sinners Like Us—they are forced to come to terms with the issues that tore them apart to begin with. As the whole world watches, can they keep their secrets hidden? After all, everybody is a sinner…

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With each new installment, J.J. McAvoy continue to surrprise me. When I first started Childstar I I didn't for a second expect the kind of story I read.
In my mind, Childstar was like a TV show and each installment represent an episode. The plot behind our couple evolves along with each part and the big final was like a season finale.


Childstar part III was my favorite part. We get to see the different side of Noah and Amelia. If you have a doubt those two loved each other, it's simply impossible to miss here. Noah wants to protect Amelia at all while she wants to do the same.

Once again, fans of Liam & Melody are rewarded with their appearances. Just so you know they haven't changed, they are even better!
To those who haven't read the Ruthless people series, I'm sure with what you've read here you want to know more ^^

I don't have a quote for you because I was so wrapped up in my read I just kept reading until the last page. Now I'm impatient to see what J.J has in store for us next

About J.J. Mcavoy


J. J. McAvoy first started working on Ruthless People during a Morality and Ethics lecture her freshman year of college. X number of years later, she is an insomniac who has changed her major three times, and is a master in the art of procrastination. If you ask her why she began writing, she will simply tell you “They wanted to get their story out.” She is currently working on her next novel . . . so please bug her on Twitter @JJMcAvoy

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