Throwback Thursday : These Men by Andrea Smith

This novella is a spin-off from the G-Men Series and can be read as a stand-alone. 

Paige Matthews has a lot to learn - about everything, including herself. At age twenty-two, she finds herself driving across the country to start an internship with the F.B.I. in Quantico, Virginia.

You might think that Paige would be grateful to her older brother, Trace Matthews, a senior F.B.I. agent who pulled strings on her behalf to get her into the program, right? 


She has insecurities and self-esteem issues, and she masks those issues in various attention-grabbing ways. Always a loner, she quickly wears out her welcome with Trace and his wife Lindsey, due to her . . . need for random hook-ups, and finds herself crashing with her oldest brother, Easton, and his wife Darcy. 

 Through Darcy, Paige is introduced to her sister-in-law's former roommate and bestie male friend, Eli Chambers, along with his sinfully handsome partner, Cain Maddox. They're looking for a roommate and Paige is looking to get out from underneath her family's watchful eye. 

This is no typical "Three's Company" story though. Living with these men, Paige quickly learns that it's time to grow up and take responsibility for her life. She embarks on a journey of self-discovery that teaches her not only about giving, but about accepting love as well. She soon realizes that sometimes what you're searching for has been right there with you all along. 

This book is intended for mature audiences. Explicit Sex.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Delicious stars

Paige Matthews is the sister of Trace 'Taz' and half sister to Easton if you've read Andrea's G-Man series you'll know who I'm talking about, Paige is a bit of a spoilt brat and she doesn't have much respect for those around her and more importantly herself, but her parents have kicked her out of her family home to stand on her own two feet and take some responsibility for her own actions. So here she is in the car on the way to stay at her brothers home with Taz, Lindsey and their two children. Taz has also got her an Internship the pay isn't great hence the bunking at the brothers, but this is her new life.

Paige enjoys sluting herself about which is probably the best way to explain it and in all honestly it's the only thing she has where she gets some emotion, some feeling, but she does it with the wrong men, she is known for her bad behaviour she also gets into rouble with her sister-in-law and therefore they rub each other the wrong way so she gets kicked out and moves on to live with Easton and Darcy.

Cain and Eli are very much in love they have learnt the bad and now at the other end of their relationship where they're happy where they are. And we all know how Darcy and Eli are close and that's how Paige goes on to meet Cain where they get pally and where Cain propositions her to move in with Caine and Eli to get away from the strife and awkwardness that are in the way of her brothers this is a huge weight lifted off her shoulders, the boys need help with the bills and upkeep of their home and Paige needs freedom to live her life how she wants to live it.

So here we have a gay couple and a single woman who enjoys men living and breathing together, so the next step Cain and Paige, Cain and Paige become good friends they spend more time together than Paige does with Eli mainly because she helps Cain with his catering business as she need the extra cash and he's around more than Eli. Caine and Paige learn how each other works and become close friends in more ways than one, but mainly Paige learns to trust and let Cain into her heart where she learns to have some respect for herself and not let men who are only after one thing rule her existence. Cain is the lead man in this relationship from go but aside from his strength and loving nature towards Paige their feelings towards each other start to get mingled into more.

Will Paige listen to the advice she's given? will she respect herself and learn to love what's right in front of her?

"All I want for you, Paige, is to stop hiding behind your dual facades," he murmured. "If you stop doing things for attention, and start being who you're meant to be, I think your need for romance and commitement will be satisfied. Sometimes, it's right there in front of you."

Enter SEXUAL TENSION Will they start to become more? will they change the dynamics of there relationship? will they change what they've been and love to love?

And is she ready to pull her Big girl pants on and start to be happy? Start to live?

Eli you ask what about Eli? all I will say here is Eli loves unconditionally he wants Cain to be happy, and he always always puts others before himself just remember that this is one of the big reasons why we love Eli, right? he gives his all into his relationship, he gives his all into his friendships and his family.

"I love you, man," Cain murmured. "You and me, we're in this for the long haul, you get that right?"...... "Okay then, so I want you to be more than okay with it. I want you to be part of it."


"For the first time ever, I feel like I belong somewhere... with someone... with you," I breathed. -Paige
"This is mine, Cain, "I whispered. "This I for me. I want you to fuck me like you mean it."

Eventually they all embark on something more, but more than that, they embark on an intimate, loving, beautiful and unique relationship with each other after all this is all that Paige has needed, she just needed to feel loved and to be loved.

"Get undressed," he ordered, "We'll do the sensual shit another time, but for right this second, I need to be inside you as mine, too."


My thoughts
I thought 'these men' had a very different feel to it than other ménage trio books that I've read previously, actually I love ménage reads and seriously this plot was unique, refreshing and different, it was a gradual build up where I was able to take hold of the story as I went on and as usual once I started I couldn't put it down. I felt that I have some connection to these characters maybe because I've read their journey in the G-man series and when finishing them I was on a serious book slump and even though there isn't a great amount of time wit Taz, Easton and the gang I did feel that because of that I really enjoyed this story, saying that if you haven't read the G-man series do not miss this, it is a stand alone, you are reading their story and won't miss anything by not reading the rest of the series. It is sensual, sexually Intense, there's a good plot, Dialogue and I personally felt that Andrea's writing has moved on from her previous books, I felt more connected to the characters, I felt like it was more fluid and although this is a Novella it was a story that completed, it has no cliffhanger... my only ask is please maybe someday to have some sort of peak into their future? 'hint' wink wink'

That is all

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