Review: Opaque Mirrors by Courtney Lane

descriptionWhen the line between fiction and reality bleeds, there is no end to the lies or a truth to be found. 

It was never supposed to happen. He was supposed to remain a porn star—the source of my fantasies—in my expansive collection of torture porn. But he found me, and he only wants one thing from me. He calls it the ultimate orgasm; death. He gives me the illusion of choice—my life or his.

I thought my choice would be the end of my troubles, but it followed me to a town known for its close-minded, small population and hypocritical way of thinking.

My madness lurks in the shadows. It watches me and seduces me with pretty smiles and dirty degradation. It assures me that my fantasies aren't wrong. It tells me that they will star in all of my nightmares…and I want nothing more.

Content contains strong violence, coarse language, graphic sex, scenes of horror, and situations that most readers would find objectionable. Reader discretion is highly advised.

I'm speechless... but this time I'm not sure it's in a good way this time.

If I have to rate this book only for the twisted idea, I would give a 5! For that I know now that nobody can exceed Courtney Lane! I don't know where she finds her book ideas but there are the most disrupt for sure. After the prologue I wanted to scream at how genius and original her story was going to be!

But somewhere along the way she lost me. And to be completely honest I don't know exactly where. I read the whole book waiting for the end and to know the truth. Opaque Mirrors is a sort of a suspense thriller. I would compare it to Seven for the suffocating atmosphere I felt. The more you read, the more you become crazy.

Whitney is trying to escape her less than ideal life and a mother who make her do things she doesn't want. Whitney has also a dark and twisted craving to watch people have sex while they are being tortured.
She thought to find refuge in Bebletown but she quickly realizes that murders are happening every time she is in a place.

Why I didn't rate the book

By GR standards , a 2 stars rating means it was ok and a 3 stars rating means I like it.
Did I like it? I don't know.
Was it ok? I don't know.

It's really unsettling for me to not know what I felt towards the book. I don't want to say I felt dumb most of the time but it's the only way I can put it.

I was waiting to know what would happen. I was waiting to understand the characters better. I was waiting for some sort of real connection between the MC, someone I could understand and relate to.
And I didn't have it. So I can't rate it.

This book won't deter me from reading Courtney book again. You can't love them all...

~ARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review ~

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