Throwback Thursday : Meet me in the Dark by J.A.Huss

He’s empty, inhuman, dishonest, and cruel. She’s never wanted anyone more. 

Sydney has lived in fear for eight years after freelance assassin, Merc, failed to rescue her from a cult-like militia group. Left in the hands of a sadistic man, she did whatever it took to survive. But Merc’s last words gave her hope. Hope he’d be back to finish the job. 

Merc knows just what to do with a fearful girl like Sydney after he was betrayed by her father that night. He wields sex, drugs, lies, and love like weapons—and Sydney is his target.

He’s in control. He’s always in control. But Sydney Channing is not what she appears. And Merc’s only redeeming act, the very one that made Sydney’s life a living hell, might just be his worst mistake yet. 

WARNING: Meet Me In The Dark is non-traditional DARK CAPTIVE ROMANTIC SUSPENSE. It is not intended for sensitive readers.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
5 "Be the rabbit" STARS

Call me crazy but I do seriously LOVE a good mindfuck! And Julie Huss is just the author to deliver on that. The warning alone had me so ready for this…

“Meet Me In The Dark is a standalone non-traditional dark captive romantic suspense. It is not intended for sensitive readers.”

Ms. Huss did NOT exaggerate. If you can’t stand violence, vengeance, servitude, humiliation and chaos – both physical and mental, then go no further. This is not the book for you.

If all of the above still has you intrigued then buckle up, buttercup, you’re in for one helluva ride!

While this is a standalone, if you’ve read Slack: A Day in the Life of Ford Aston, Guns: The Spencer Book or the Dirty Dark Deadly Series, then you’d have met Merc (Merric Case), briefly, or heard his name mentioned in covert, deadly ways. Then you’ll also know that Merc is...

...a ruthless, lethal, assassin and one mofo you don’t want as your enemy.

“I am Merc and there are three things you should know about me. Number one. You might be bigger, but I will last longer. Number two. If you fuck me, I fuck everything you ever loved. And number three. I never lose. My victory is only delayed.”

Unfortunately for Sydney Channing, I won’t provide any details as to who she is…you’ll just have to read to find out :D, she just may be on the wrong side of things where Merc is concerned!

“Use her, abuse her, and she always comes back for more.”

 photo Syd_zpsh51fc7tf.jpg

“I am ashamed for the things I’ve done. I am ashamed for the things I do. I am nothing but shame.”

This was a very dark, disturbing read with layers of deception, mind control, torture and revenge.

But within all that darkness, this story is also about the strength of the human mind, body and spirit as well as the innate need and fragility of craving affection, human contact and love.

It all began… One night eight years ago, Two young girls: Company kids. One illegitimate/collateral damage and the other a target/loose end.

One mission, Two killers – a decision was made that night that would set in motion a diabolical plan for revenge….sealed with a promise? Or a threat?

Merc is an anti-hero, or perhaps he may not even be a hero at all. I was all over the place with him. I can’t say that I ever loved him but I did have my moments of warm emotion towards him and I don’t hate him. He’s a trained assassin. Formidable at his job and this is his last job and it’s personal.

Sydney is another complex character. She’s flawed and lethal in her own way and also so, broken…yet, not. I felt a lot for her.

“Take me there, Merc. Meet me there in the dark and I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

“I want Merric Case to desire me so much, he chooses differently. I want him to change my life. I want him to take it back.”

I cried for her, rallied with her and even bitched at her. The most poignant and moving thing about this entire story, for me, was how a choice had been made on one fateful Christmas eve that took two innocent girls in completely different directions. For one, it meant the beginning of something new, exciting and ultimately, good. For the other, it meant unmentionable abuse and captivity.

I will say, for this read, you need your big girl panties and a strong stomach.

It was riveting, suspenseful and there were some tender moments. I loved this and am so stoked for Sasha’s story!!

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