Blog Tour + Review: Into the Blue by Chanel Cleeton

From the author of Fly with Me and the Capital Confessions Novels comes the newest in the sexy Wild Aces Romance series. 

Eric Jansen—call sign Thor—loves nothing more than pushing his F-16 to the limit. Returning home to South Carolina after a tragic loss, he hopes to fix the mistake he made long ago, when he chose the Air Force over his fiancée. 

Becca Madison isn’t quick to welcome Thor back. She can’t forget how he shattered her heart. But Thor won’t give up once he’s set his sights on what he wants—and he wants Becca. 

Thor shows Becca that he’s no longer the impulsive boy he used to be, and Becca finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But will Thor be able to walk away from his dream of flying the F-16 for their love or does his heart belong to the sky?

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


After reading Fly with me I was so high I had to start Into the Blue right away. Chanel just blew me away with how intense her first story was I wanted to see how she could write a different story. And believe me Into the Blue is very different than the first book in the Wild Aces series. And rest assured it's in a good way.


I adored discovering a new universe with the fighter pilot crew. I wasn't expecting to be so interested in what it entails to be a fighter pilot. I admire people who give their lives to a greater cause than themselves. In this book you can measure how much this style of life is absorbing and time-consuming. You have to be strong and well focus to be in the military field but I have a feeling that to be a fighter pilot you need to be ready to drop everything in a heartbeat.
I have like a million questions in my mind for Chanel because she lives the lifestyle for real but it might seem a bit stalker-ish


Enough of my babbling, into the story now:
Thor aka Eric is an experienced fighter pilot but after a recent tragic event, he feels less comfortable in the air than before. I don't really want to tell you exactly what happened. If you've read Fly with me, you already know and if you are a new reader, you'll discover it soon enough, no worries.
The best decision he makes is to return home but it's been 10 years and he left things unfinished there. He left a woman he loved and was supposed to marry her...

Becca is a successful lawyer who's not ready to forgive Eric him leaving brutally without a real explanation. But at the same time, seeing him and having him back in their hometown bring back memories she never truly forgot.

I'm a sucker for second chance romance. I love this genre and with the way things ended between Becca & Thor added the feelings they still have, there was a very good promises for things to happen.

For most of my read I felt torn between understanding how Becca felt and why Thor did what he did.
Becca doesn't want to give in easily to her attraction. She can't deny what they share in the past is very much present still now. She guarded her heart for so long; she doesn't want it crashed once again. Moreover things didn't change and what kept them away is still there. Will they find a way to make this work? What sacrifice needs to be done?

"What she called “unexpected,” I called “inevitable,” because there was no way we could be near each other, setting off the kind of sparks we did, without something catching on fire."

Reading both books in the series back to back I saw the differences and how Chanel Cleeton is able to give us both emotional and reflective story.

In here the story is more focus on Becca & Thor and the peace they need to find to be a couple again.

IMO Into the Blue was less emotional for some part and I wanted a little more background on our MC at a younger age. We know a few things but it wasn't deep enough.
Regardless I enjoyed very much every part of this book, from the fights to the sexual attraction, from the tears to the laughter, Into the Blue is the next book that will captivate you with the promise of spending a good time.

“Don’t.” “Don’t what?” “Don’t shut down on me. Not yet. Not this afternoon anyway. Just enjoy this.”

I couldn't finish my review without speaking of the next book about Easy. I already said it previously but I need this book like I need my next breathe. The little peek we got at the end of the book makes me sweat already and I'm kinda scared of the kind of story we're gonna have.
I already expect an emotional & angst fest I'm not sure I'm ready... Urgh scratch that I'm beyond ready! Why do I need to wait until January 2017?


~Arc provided by the author in exchange of an honest review ~

Eric’s hand felt warm against mine—warm and big. He squeezed, and even though he touched my fingers, I swore I felt an answering tightness around my heart, as though the power to crush it lay in the palm of his hand.

I wanted to pull back, had never intended to let him get this close, but here we were, and I didn’t move. The temptation was just too strong to ignore and it felt too good to have him hold my hand.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered again, his voice and eyes full of an emotion that spelled trouble.

This time I did pull back, too close to losing my heart. Too much time had passed, too much between us. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of thinking that this could be something again, of letting old feelings confuse me.

“I need to go.”

“Can we get dinner sometime, or coffee, or something?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“I know I don’t deserve for you to let me in again, not after what I did, but what if we just gave it a chance. If we took things slowly? What if we started as friends?”

I didn’t know how I was supposed to answer that one, what slow was with people who had the kind of baggage we did. We’d been engaged; I didn’t know how to pretend we were just two people getting to know each other. At the same time, I didn’t really know him. Not anymore. But what was the point of getting to know him if he was just going to leave again?

“What’s changed?”

“What do you mean?”

“What’s changed?” I repeated. “You’re back here, but what’s different? What’s the point?

You’re going back to Oklahoma in a few weeks, aren’t you?”

He nodded.

“Then what?”

He shifted in his seat, his expression guarded. “Well, we have the deployment coming up, and then I’ll probably go on to my next assignment. I don’t know where yet.”

Yeah, I’d been here before.

“So nothing has changed. Not really.”

“I’ve missed you.”

I’d missed him, too. It wasn’t enough. It had been ten years. We’d been apart longer than we’d been together. It wasn’t like we could just hit “Play” and pick up where we’d left off.

“We still want different things.”

He didn’t answer me for a beat. “What if we didn’t want different things?”

I froze. He knew me too well, knew just how to worm his way back in.

“Don’t try to make this about me. Don’t come back here with your ‘maybes’ and your ‘what-ifs’ and expect me to hang my future on it. I’ve been here before. I know how this goes. You’ve been back, what, a day? Do you honestly think that after everything we’ve been through, I’m going to trust that you want a future together? That you’ll actually choose me?

“I’m not going down this road with you again. I’ve been there and all it did was give me years of heartbreak. I don’t trust you anymore. There is no us. Not anymore.”

I grabbed my wallet, putting some cash on the table for my breakfast. I got up on shaky legs, not giving him a chance to respond, not sparing him another glance.

Originally a Florida girl, CHANEL CLEETON moved to London where she received a bachelor’s degree from Richmond, The American International University in London and a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Chanel fell in love with London and planned to stay there forever, until fate intervened on a Caribbean cruise and a fighter pilot with smooth dance moves swept her off her feet. Now, a happily ever after later,

Chanel is living her next adventure.

Law school made Chanel realize she’d rather spend her days writing sexy stories than in a courtroom, and she hasn’t looked back since. An avid reader and hopeless romantic, she’s happiest curled up with a book. She has a weakness for handbags, her three pups, and her husband. 

Chanel writes contemporary romances, women's fiction, and thrillers. She is published byHarlequin HQN, Penguin/InterMix, and Penguin/Berkley and is the author of the International School, Capital Confessions, Assassins, and Wild Aces series.

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