Review: Nolan by Susan Fanetti

Nolan Mariano is a man shaped by loss. All his life, people he’s loved deeply have left him in one way or another. In Signal Bend, Missouri, as a son and then a member of the Night Horde MC, he’s found a home and a family. His mother and his younger brother are protected and loved, too.

But Nolan can’t trust it. The past haunts him; injustices left unanswered loom over his present and threaten his future. One injustice in particular.

Iris Ryan is a Night Horde daughter who knows loss of her own. Taken away from her home as a child after unspeakable horror tore her family apart, she returns to Signal Bend, and her father, when she’s grown because she’s never felt at home anywhere else. As Iris settles into a new life of her choosing in the home she’s regained, she and Nolan connect. 

As his love for Iris deepens, Nolan can’t ignore the way that loss has warped him. The past is a shadow over him, and he can no longer live under its weight.  

He needs vengeance. At any cost.

Note: explicit sex and violence. For Adults 18+ This is a semi-standalone novel in that it is not part of any series, but its backstory encompasses both The Signal Bend and The Night Horde SoCal series.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
6++ Signal Bend STARS

I seriously didn’t want this book to end. From the moment I stepped foot into Susan Fanetti’s world of the Night Horde and Signal Bend, it felt like home. These brothers with big hearts who make their own laws and don’t shy away from the dark side, and their strong, vibrant women who stand by their side were like family.

Nolan was a young boy and grew into a man with this series. His story was simply perfection. His life has been, in Susan’s words, ”…the seesaw of loss and gain, sadness and hope…” and seeing him grow and navigate life was bittersweet.

It was also wonderful to drop in on the Horde and visit with them in their lives, settled, thriving, loving and living.

Isaac’s had my heart from day one and while I’ve loved each and every one of the Night Horde, he’s been number 1. But I must say, Nolan gave him a run for the money. His journey to find his way and come to peace, and for me too, was moving with highs and lows. And as I’ve come to expect, Susan had me crying a few times in sadness and happiness.

“But his love was a raw, desperate thing, like a beast that had been caged up and starved.”

Susan's a masterful storyteller. Her characters burrow into your heart and move you, and her stories captivate, inspire and enrich your heart and your mind. If you haven't read this series or you haven't read Susan, I can't recommend enough that you do!

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