Review: Miracle by Susan Fanetti


Joey Pagano was left disabled following a violent moment in his family’s history, a moment he chose to be a part of. During the past ten years of a life he’s only half lived, all of his brothers and sisters have gotten married and made families of their own, but Joey’s had no one. Before he was hurt, he was the carefree family clown, living a life of privilege and excess, with any girl he wanted hanging on his arm. Now he’s resigned himself to being alone. He’s given up.

Tina Corti grew up in Quiet Cove, just like Joey. She’s known him most of her life, though she hasn’t seen much of him since his troubles. No longer the daydreaming schoolgirl with a crush on her oldest brother’s best friend, Tina has worked hard to accomplish her goals. She wants to make a difference, to do her part, for her family and the world. She’s stretched her wings beyond the Cove, but she’s kept her roots firmly in place.

A chance meeting kindles a fragile friendship. Joey, scarred in body and soul, is guarded. But Tina’s gentle optimism and patience give him room and cause to trust, to love, to breathe. She brings him back to life.

Before they can settle into their love and imagine a happy life together, their families bring violence into their world again, and Joey will have to return the favor.

Note: explicit sex and violence.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
5 ++ “You’re my reason.” STARS

This was bittersweet. From the first book, I fell hard and fast for the Pagano family. Susan makes it so easy to get lost in them, feel for them and yearn for them. Joey Pagano was very much in the background throughout this series, much like how he felt about his place in his family. Despite this, I wanted his story from the very day that a fateful, tragic event altered his life. His story needed to be told.
Thank you, Susan for giving us such a moving and memorable story.
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I love Susan’s heroines. They are all strong women. Some standout more than others and I must say, Tina Corti was standout! She's neck and neck with my other favourite of this series, Bev. Tina was a formidable woman with true strength of spirit. I adored her.

She was compassionate, wise, funny, sweet, good, and strong beyond words. Yet she was flawed and when faced with her shortcomings, she owned them, learned from them and grew. Tina saw Joey Pagano from the beginning, way before this story began. She saw and loved the man beneath his past, what life had dealt him and the ways in which he was coping.

"I want my life to be with you.”

And Joey, his character growth, not only in this book but throughout this series, was subtle yet rich and complex. Like Susan does so well, she showed us how through tragedy and adversity there is always hope and light. She gives you real, poignant love stories that doesn't shy away from life's hardships and darkness.

Like all the other Paganos, Joey and Tina imprinted on my heart. I was a wreck after reading this. This was a wonderfully heartfelt story but also the end to the Pagano saga. It was a lovely and perfect finale for this big, boisterous and beautiful family. Ciao, Paganos!

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