Review: The Summer Games: Out of Bounds by R.S. Grey

descriptionI despise Erik Winter.

He’s arrogant and cruel—a man I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy—and by some twisted turn of fate, he’s my new Olympic gymnastics coach.

I’ve had to contend with gruff coaches in the past, but Erik is far worse. His stern demeanor complements a body built for intimidation, and his reprimands come from a mouth so cunning, I know it could strip me of my defenses—if I let it.

Though each of us would love to be rid of the other forever, we are bound to each other by need and necessity. I’m his rising star, his best shot at proving himself to his critics. And without a coach, I have zero chance of winning gold in Rio.

The easiest way forward would be to wave a white flag and make peace with the man I’ll be sharing close quarters with for the foreseeable future, but he is intent on war.

Fine. By. Me.

 If he pushes me, I’ll push back harder. If he wants to test me, to play with my head, I’ll show him just how many boundaries I’m willing to cross. Because I know it’s not a choice between winning or warring—not if you can have them both. At the end of it all, I plan on leaving Rio with gold around my neck and his icy heart in the palm of my hand.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
4 Stars

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Ok I'm a hugeee Olympic Games fan, I just love the team spirit and how everyone as a country just pulls together to support each other. Then add gymnastics to the mix and I was both feet in, gymnastics is one of my fav sports and my daughter is into gymnastics too. My week revolves around a twice a week schedule of gymnastic practices and a child who can't keep still. So yeh I really couldn't wait for this book.. Plus she's a new author to me so I really wanted to try her after so many book friends have recommended Rachel Grey to me I was alrighty then let's do this.

Onto the review
Brie has come from a single parent family and no money. She's had to work her way up by putting her EVERYTHING into this sport but ultimately she is one of the best, in Rio she's lined up to win Gold Stars and well she needs them to give herself but mostly her mum the life she wants to give back to her for all the money time she's given to Brie to get her to be an Olympic champion. So off she huddles to spend a month practicing with no other than dark, handsome and angry coach Eric who since day one fights a good fight with Brie.

There is a definite love/Hate relationship here and basically Eric has no time for second chances. He trains the best and he won't tolerate much. That said Brie doesn't give 1 iota and answer's back because well her life depends on this. And she'll do what she damn well pleases, in the gym world anyway.. She's not having a coach pull her down.

I loved the Olympics side of it all, because of that honestly the first half had me excited and nervous for Brie and her team mates. But then throughout both characters are strong people. You have a strong kick ass heroine and then you have a angry darkish hero who really and truly underneath just wants to be loved like the rest of us. But two strong characters = to some pretty intense, Fiesty and angry sex scenes.

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I will though say, that in my honest opinion for me.. The relationship between these two came second to everything else. They wanted each other, but they fought for it throughout the book. I enjoyed their banter and the banter between their team, but it was a slow read... Yet one where I kept turning the pages as it was on the tip of my fingers, you know I could see them together yet they couldn't.. If I'm making sense?!!

All in all it was a great read and I'll defo pick this author up again for nothing else than she does great banter between all characters involved.

ARC generously gifted in exchange for an honest review

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