Review: Thin Lives by Bethany-Kris

Emma Donati

Some days, it felt like Emma had just imagined it all. 
Like maybe everything she had been with Calisto was just a dream. 
Emma knew it was crazy—it was impossible to forget what she had shared with Calisto Donati. All their love, the stolen moments, their foulness together, and the beauty underneath it all were real. 
They were real. 
But he didn't know. 
He didn’t know any of it. 
And little by little, with every day that passed her by, Emma found she was losing those pieces that reminded her they had existed once. 
Just like the rosary. 
All too soon, Emma knew … there would be nothing left.

Calisto Donati

Emma hadn’t given him a choice. 
Her, not him. 
Yeah, that’s what Calisto was going to keep telling himself. He refused to feed into the strange curiosity he had about Emma Donati. It had been building from the moment he’d first seen her face after he’d awakened. He wouldn’t admit that for longer than he cared to admit, he thought there was more behind her false smile, polite words, and the distance she put between her and him—that there might be more to them. 
He couldn’t. 
Except … he was feeding into it. 
Calisto just wasn’t sure what it was. 
But tonight he was going to find out. 
Whether she wanted to tell him or not.


The final Bloodlines novel.

Thin Lives (Donati Bloodlines, #3)Thin Lives by Bethany-Kris
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 “At the end, Emmy.” STARS

The third and final book in the Donati Bloodlines Series was simply fantastic. From the very beginning, Bethany-Kris captured the intensity and raw emotion of a truly unforgettable forbidden love story.

"Did love justify suffering? Would it ever justify pain?"

Calisto Donati and Emma were a dirty and dangerous secret. Lives would be shattered, blood would be shed and some may even be killed if their secret was ever discovered.

“I keep hoping…”
“For what?”
“For something impossible.”
“Nothing is impossible, Emma.”

This book picks up from the heart-wrenching cliff hanger of book 2. I felt every ounce of Emmy’s fear, longing and despair as she tried to protect her unborn child, while hoping against everything that Cal would figure things out.

“Her life felt so thin – it only became thinner with every passing day.”

And for Calisto, his turmoil and frustration was real and raw. Seriously, my heart ached throughout a good two thirds of this book.

 photo ThinLives_zpskwvspbgs.jpg

Emotions were high, danger was palpable and hope was only a glimmer as Emma and Calisto navigate the treacherous pathways of La Cosa Nostra.

“She loved the way he touched her, and how he never handled her like glass. She loved his roughness, his harsh breaths in her ear, and the heat that pulsed between them.”

This was all kinds of fantastic. I FLOVED the Epilogue and the freakin' bread crumbs for the future generation. Bethany, you're a tease. I want the Legacy Series NOW!! And I'm calling it from now, Cross Nazio Donati is mine! #Claimed!

**ARC generously provided by Bethany-Kris in exchange for an honest review.**

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