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descriptionI watch.
I study.
I prowl.
I hunt.

I always go in with a plan. A set of rules for myself. I don’t take unnecessary risks. That’s how I’ve been able to evade capture all these years.

But there’s something about this girl that is different than the others. When I finally meet her, the rules become a blur. And I break the most important one of all—I take her with me.


It’s just my imagination—that feeling of being watched. That those icy eyes— a vivid turquoise with a distinct golden fleck—aren’t watching me.

It’s just stress. I am the person everyone relies on. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been feeling so content with my life lately. Why I dream those eyes belong to someone who can tear me away from all of my responsibilities.

But these are just shameful fantasies, never meant to breach reality.

Then one night, the dream comes true, only it’s a horrific nightmare.

Now, I only have one task: survival.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My mind has turn to mush. I had to collect my thought after reading Take me with you because I really had no idea how to write a proper review. I'm still not sure I'll succeed, maybe I'll just ramble because I don't know how to explain how this story is fucked up and how I still liked it nonetheless.

At the beginning of the book, Nina warns that her story contains all kind of triggers. And it did. I like reading books that goes out my comfort zone.
Take me with you is wrong on so many level. It's dark, brutal, immoral but Nina succeed in giving you a damaged anti-hero and still make it acceptable.

"I am the storm. Strong and violent. Dangerous. I will tear down anything in my path to have her"

Sam was the eponym of the anti-hero. He is at the top of the list. You won't like him at first but if you go past the 14%, you are set. You'll see the real him and you'll be able to understand who he is.
Nina gave me think a lot to think about with his character. (view spoiler)
At some point, I wanted to tell all was ok and nothing was really his fault. It was completely crazy!

"He is my danger, my greatest threat. When he’s on my side, I know that I am safe."

I was 100% focus on his relation with Vesper and by the end the love he find is the kind he finally deserves. Their connection may be born from something dreadful but in their own way, they found each other.

"There are no heroes in this world, only villains and victims."

Because of all the triggers, I can only recommend to people to consider reading it if you are confortable to put aside your belief. You have to put aside what you know is right or wrong just for a few hours and go in with an open mind, with the thought that people can be redeemable no matter what.

~ARC provided by the author in exchange of an honest review~




Nina G. Jones is the author of seven full-length novels of various romance and erotica sub-genres. Her latest novel, Take Me With You, releases on October 17th.

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