Review: When the Wind Whispers by Bethany-Kris & London Miller

descriptionThere is death where the wind whispers.

Left for dead by his own father on a snowy sidewalk, Kazimir Markovic finally understands what true betrayal really means, and just how far one will go to keep a secret. He only needs to survive, to make it home alive to his wife, and then everyone else will know what it means, too.

It will all come to an end …

Right back where it first started …

New York’s streets are bloodier than ever.
No souls are safe in this war.
The games are over.

From authors Bethany-Kris (Donati Bloodlines Trilogy) and London Miller (Den of Mercenaries) comes the final installment of Kaz and Violet’s journey in the Seasons of Betrayal series.


Wow, what an intense, hair-raising finale to Kaz and Violet's story. Most of all, I'm going to miss Kaz. He's one hot, intense and demanding Russian!

This one started right where we left off with the second book and my heart was in my hands. I was a serious mess, much like Violet, as we awaited Kaz's fate.

This was a highly explosive finale. One wild ride of the forbidden love between an Italian Mafia Princess and a Bratva Prince. I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment in this alluring, sexy and fiercely dangerous story. Bethany has given me several off-the-charts book boyfriends from the dark side of the Mafia but Kaz, the creation of this formidable duo, is over-the-top intense. This man is brooding, demanding, dangerous and fucking sexy! 

And Violet, she's really grown from the naive princess into a strong women. And together with Kaz, they were such a highly emotional and memorable couple. I loved every scene with these two. Whether it was intense, dangerous, sexy, sad or funny.

"They loved the best when they were hard, rough, and raw."

Bethany and London, I hope there's more from you two. Perhaps the Russian boys from Chicago? Please, please!

**ARC generously provided by authors in exchange for an honest review.**

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