Throwback Thursday: Wife number Seven by Melissa Brown

descriptionLipstick. Bright, red lipstick. Nothing but lipstick. 
Even though it’s against our faith to wear a color that screams of sexual promiscuity and deviant behavior, I’m not allowed to protest. 
But, I want to. 
So badly. 

You see, there’s more to me than the braid that spills down my back. 
More to me than the layers of heavy fabric that maintain my modesty. 
And so much more than the oppressive wedding band that adorns my finger--the same band that each of my sister wives wear. 
So much more. 
To protest would be sinful. 
I must keep sweet, that is my duty. 

So I’ll wear the lipstick. I’ll do as I’m told. 
And I’ll do my best to silence the resistance within me, to push him from my mind. 
If only my heart would do the same.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first Melissa Brown book and I am in awe! What an absolutely amazing and beautifully original read. I was completely engrossed and read this in mere hours. I could not put it down.

I can’t begin to talk about the story without giving too much away. What I will say is that it’s a story about Brinley, a young woman, who does not belong in her current life. As she seeks her new life and waits for her inner voice to grow from a whisper to a scream, she encounters, Porter Hammond. He knows Brinley’s current world and was banished from it. Damned to hell. These two form an immediate bond that grows and prospers despite what may seem like insurmountable obstacles.

“I told you, you’re my heaven. If I burn when I die, that’s fine. I’m a selfish man and I want my heaven now.”

This is a moving, captivating story of one finding the courage to seek out love and freedom at all costs. It's about another healing from the deepest rejection possible and finding the inner strength to put the pieces back together again. And it’s about finding out who your true friends are and the bonds you make with those despite circumstance or religious beliefs or differences.

Brilliant story! I will be checking out more from Melissa Brown, that's for sure!

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