Release Day Blitz + Review: Complex Kisses by Kim Bailey

Complex Kisses

by Kim Bailey 
Publication Date: December 29, 2016 
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

descriptionWhen lost and living in the moment …
… can you be found with just a kiss?

Jamie Hartley ran away, leaving grief and heartache behind. Lost on her own. Raising a child. Her plan is simple. Make it through. Find her path. Survive.

Eric Anderson walked away, abandoning plans and expectations. Living day to day. Waiting for miracles. His goal is complicated. Make it through. Find a way. Endure.

In stolen moments of passion and pleasure, Jamie and Eric find reprieve from their complex lives. Together, they ease the burdens. Together, they soothe the pain.
But can they recognize the future when it finds them?

Here and now.

Warning: This book contains graphic language and scenes that are sexually explicit. 
Recommended for readers 18+.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was lucky enough to beta read Complex Kisses, Kim's debut novel. Let me tell you, if this is her first book, I can't wait for what else she has in store. The writing is effortless, making for a fast and engrossing read.

While this story deals with some weighty, real and sad issues, Kim sprinkles in moments of sweet, sexy, funny and downright 'sigh out loud' moments of content. And did I mention, there's some serious hotness going on?!
Jamie Hartley is a survivor, having lived through many low and scary moments all on her own. And now she's faced with wrestling the past - unresolved conflict, deep resentment - and a ticking clock as she comes back home to her ailing father.

Likewise, Eric Anderson is on a similar journey. Leaving his life behind, one that he wasn't particularly happy with or in fact, even wanted, to deal with a family crisis.

Eric is all kinds of sweet, hot and sexy, and together, Jamie and Eric, are something special. They meet at time in their lives when there's so much upheaval and uncertainty, yet their union just makes sense. You'll be rooting for them from the get-go.

 photo Complex Kisses_zpssvdt1uz6.jpg

There's a lot of depth to this tale with a wide spectrum of emotions. Kim had me all over the place, in a good way. This story has everything I love in a good book, not to mention, the heat and intensity of Jamie and Eric...

Also, there are some stand-out secondary characters, Caleb and Dylan in particular, that had me wanting their stories NOW. And I must say, while Caleb is only a teenager in this book, he captured my heart with his outrageous flirting and sweet ways. Calling dibs now, Caleb is MINE!

I highly recommend this book and can't wait for her next one.

**ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
5 Delicious and sweet Stars

Kim Kim Kim you little beauty... I've known Kim a couple of years (from both GR and then as a blogger) and so when I heard about this book I was interested. I watched from get go then I had some free time to spare to read it, so here I am diving in. I'm not being biased when I say this is fabulous for a new author this really does rank high in my top favs of the year. It was such an easy page turner, sexy and emotional in the best way.

So what's it about?
Jamie (heroine) and Eric (Hero) meet in a place where they need someone else to lean on. Jamie is loosing her father and Eric is there for his brother who is undergoing treatment for Cancer and so yes they bump into each other at the hospital. Though in unlikely circumstances they have an instant attraction that just builds over the week they spend time together. Aren't they the best kind of friendships and the best relationships we have? The ones where you don't expect them to happen? Well these pair haven't had it easy up to now and so they have something special and their chemistry is off the charts. But not only that but Eric was so caring and devoted the delicious lover I love to enjoy in an Hero. He was protective but so very sexy.

And then there's Jamie, she is one kick ass strong heroine, she has struggles to deal with but she just keeps moving forward and I loved that about her.

So I just loved all characters in this inc the father who is an ass but I still loved to read him, and Hunter Jamie's son ahhh he was the apple in this read. Everyone just rallied around him and that is why I love to read kids in books they make them special for me. I had tears and I smiled a many a time. The writing just flowed easily for me so all in all it was a fab debut book for Kim Bailey and I'm excited to see what's in store next.

Pick it up!

That is all Xoxo

ARC generously gifted in exchange for a honest review

About Kim Bailey

Kim Bailey is a Canadian author. She’s a born procrastinator and sarcasm junkie. She gets her motivation from coffee, the fact that her teenage children haven’t disowned her, and the smile on her husband’s face when she tells him “maybe”. When she was young and naïve, Kim dreamed of being a documentary filmmaker, and script writer. But when real life happened, she went to a job that actually paid her. Now she’s a customer support specialist by day and romance writer by night. Writing is something she’s always done – she has about 20 million half-started story ideas. She may also be a slight exaggerator. Kim promised herself to set her fears aside and make the dream real. She’s working on that, one day at a time.

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