Review: Yours to Bare by Jessica Hawkins


Yours To Bare by Jessica Hawkins
Release: December 8, 2016
No matter how cruel it’s been in the past, I’ve never been able to flip fate the bird. I’m a romantic at heart. So when fate drops a leather-bound journal at my feet, I know I should walk away.

I don't. I pick her up, bend her spine, spread her pages. From the first word, I’m a goner. The owner didn’t give me access to her most intimate desires, but I devour them anyway. Her private darkness, her candid, explicit poetry—it all goes down like warm milk. And from that point forward, I drink, eat, and sleep her.

I went to his apartment and let him take my picture. Just once, to see how it would feel. I’m not his to look at, to inspire, to touch, but when he watches me through his lens, it gives me a high I don’t want to come down from…

My journal is the one place I can be myself—as long as I can tie it up and put it away when I’m finished. But when Finn undoes the bow, he pulls strings that could unravel each of us.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
5+++++ STUNNING Stars

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Ohhh myyy what a beautiful beautiful read!! You know I really didn't know what to think when going into this because of Nathan and Slip of the tongue and I'll be honest I didn't think I'd like it, but that was a FOOOL thought because damn this is Jessica's #addictive writing we're talking about here and once I started I was pulled into every page that was Finn and Halston's story..

What's it about?
How do I review this? This is one of those books that pulls you in and where you delve into the characters, see where they are, FEEL what they're feeling, and fall in LOVE alongside them. Well that's EXACTLY what I did. Halston has had a lot of heartache in her life and needed someone to not really believe in her but help her through her life and Finn is the guy that loves to love and #Fall...

Finn is a photographer it's who he is, he's also sexy, protective, LOVING and dominating in alll the best ways. I 100% loved reading and watching the pages pan out from his eyes and his lens.

This read is SENSUAL to the core. Jessica knows how to write SEX! Omg sorry but I'm just sitting here fanning myself for for a second. Their moments, their love, their time together was truly beautiful.

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I don't know what else to say other than this book is EVERYTHING and if you want a book that is built on character and healing and LOVE as the core of the book, then this is definitely your next read.

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This can be read as a standalone which you can definitely read now but I would highly recommend Slip of the Tongue to understand the full depth of Finn. But that's just my recommendation to you.

Enjoy and kisses Xoxo

ARC generously gifted in exchange for an honest review


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