As the end to the Bellator Saga nears, Katy and I were lucky enough to sit down with Cecilia London and pick her brain about all things Jack! Oh, and the fabulous series too, of course! 

1. It's hard to believe that the sixth and final book is here. How does it feel? 

It’s strange…this saga has taken me well over three years to complete (I started writing in late 2013). I had a hard time filling in the blanks for this book and polishing it up, probably because subconsciously I didn’t want it to end. It will be very hard to let these characters go, and I won’t…but I have to step away from them for at least a while before catching up!

2. Looking back, is there anything you'd change or do differently, whether it's a part of the story, something to do with a character? 

The only thing I’d do differently is something that can’t be undone. As you know, the books are sometimes a bit of a bloodbath. War is real, and raw, and people die. There’s no way around it. But it destroyed me to kill Katie. I still can’t read that scene, and there’s a part of me that wishes I hadn’t done it. It had to be done. Jen too. I loved them both so much because Caroline did.

3. We all have our favourite book in the saga and our reasons why, tell us what yours is and why? 

That’s a toughie. I’ve always loved Rhapsody, and thought it would remain my favorite. But my favorite scene AND some of the best lines in the series are in Triumph. I don’t know. Which one is YOUR favorite? 😉

4. We gotta ask, who was your inspiration for such a sexy, wonderful hero like Jack? And don't say Laurence Nicotra, although he is one damn fine Jack!! 

Sadly, he is the only character who is wholly based in my imagination. Almost everyone else has at least one tiny reflection in reality. Sorry, ladies!

5. Okay, confession time, tell us one thing, a secret or really interesting tidbit about the Bellator Saga that you've never told anyone before. We promise, we won't say a word!

In my original outline, many aspects of the plot were written differently than they are now. I actually had a scene written in my mind where Jonesie would be killed off during an assault on Washington. But I couldn’t do it. I love that guy. And Caroline has suffered enough. So I cut it. In the end it didn’t matter because the way the series wraps up is much different and that scene wouldn’t have fit anyway.

6. I was wondering if Caroline has any of these tough qualities from you and if so what?

LOL, I am a TOTAL pushover/softie/whatever. But those who have met me in person or who have talked to me can tell that there’s a LOT of me in her. She’s more confident and a bigger badass than I am. And she has nicer clothes.

7. I know this is asking a lot but which character do you have a soft spot for and why?

I’m sorry, you were saying? LMAO! 

I can’t even articulate why I love her so much. Every woman needs a totally bitchy friend with a heart of gold, and she has the BEST lines in Triumph. Just the best.

8. For something light we were wondering how do you relax and unwind? And also can you suggest some music tracks you love to write to? Just cause we love music on this blog.

In terms of relaxing and unwinding, I love taking walks with my toddler boy, iPod in hand. Or I’ll read (mostly historical nonfiction, but I have a ton of romances). Right now I’m hoping to build a home library…someday…whether it involves buying more shelving, constructing it myself, etc. I love being surrounded by books.

I have playlists for all the books on Spotify, so you can see how music influenced my writing here:

9. Where did you come up with Jack and Caroline's story? 

They’d been in my head for years. In law school, I needed something to take my mind off the stress, so I daydreamed a lot. I never really had a vehicle for them, just a bunch of (ahem) random sex scenes and occasional bits of romance. Then in October 2013, I had some bad BBQ at a place down the street from our house, and had a lucid dream about the two of them as freedom fighters taking on a totalitarian American president hell-bent on destroying democracy. The plot has evolved a LOT since I first started writing, but I adore the way it’s turned out. I recommend food poisoning for all your plotline needs.

10. So as this phenomenal saga comes to an end, and can we just say, we're beside ourselves! As much as we want the ending, a HEA ending, it's going to be sad to say goodbye to Jack and Caroline. What's next for you? Are you working on another book?

I am…kinda. I have a bunch of books floating around in my head, but I’m definitely taking a break for a while. This series has been very emotionally draining. Although I’m thrilled that so many people believe I write so well, it’s actually a chore for me to write. It does not come easy. There are times when the words flow like water and others (more often) when I struggle to get a few hundred words down. I don’t do anything on a schedule; I write what I feel in my soul and I write when it comes to me. So I guess the short answer is…maybe? In the meantime, I am actively trying to go back into practicing law OR engaging in advocacy at the state or national level. I’ve always been political but recent events have forced my hand. I’m channeling my inner Caroline hard core!

If you haven't read this series, what are you waiting for! Triumph releases February 6, 2017.

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