Review: Wait for it by Molly O'Keefe

descriptionIn a blistering novel of raw emotion and desire, a tormented woman teaches an alpha male that money can’t fix everything . . . but love can.

Tiffany : After fighting for a new life, I don’t want to play the victim anymore. However, with three kids to raise, I’m getting desperate enough to make a deal with the devil. My estranged brother-in-law, Blake, says he just wants to help, but he’s been trouble since I met him. I don’t know if I can believe this kinder, gentler Blake, and there’s a friction between us that has turned into the sweetest chemistry. He could be my salvation . . . or my downfall.

Blake : I haven’t always had Tiffany’s best interests at heart but I’m ready to make up for my sins. Besides, I can’t help admiring her: The girl’s a genuine survivor, tough and lean, with eyes of steel. But the more I get to know Tiffany, the more I want her. Every inch of her. Which means I’m about to make a bad situation a hell of a lot worse.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Molly O'Keefe's books are always surprising me. I read all books in the Everything I left unsaid series and each time I was worried I wouldn't like the book. I don't know why but I'm always wondering how this woman can put different stories with such different characters and make sense with her words.

The first two books were about the same couple, the third was about Max& Joan and finally with Wait for it I have Blake's story. I knew he was trouble, I knew meeting Tiffany would complicated things but in a way it wasn't that much.

Both of them have their wounds, both of them are vulnerable and both of them needs to adapt their life in order to find true happiness.

Tiffany could have been one of these broken heroines after the father of her three child constantly beaten her over and over again to let them alone in a trailer park. But that's not what happen. Thanks to Blake's improper proposition, Tiffany got out of her nightmare. But unfortunately the past often comes back when you least expected it.

Blake never wanted to see Tiffany again and he made sure of it a year ago. Seeing her was without a doubt the realisation that she wasn't a crooked woman and the liar he thought she was. Getting her back in his life will be the biggest challenge he ever had to face.

"Was it possible we could save each other?"

I picked up this book in the morning and I finished it at 1 am because I could and because it was that good! The story is gripping. Tiffany is the strongest heroine ever. Her sole purpose is to make her three children a priority. She wants them happy. She doesn't want fear to win in her life, she wants to move forward and she's ready to do everything she can in order to accomplish her goal.

Her attraction to Blake came quietly. There was so much uncertainty between them. Blake was a complex character with his own demons. Always in search of a way to
let of some steam, he's most definitely the one who hurt the most. Both needed to be loved but they didn't know how, they needed to trust but it was so complicated.

"You want me. You want me maybe as much as you hate me."

The author gave so much background, so much details so I could relate and understand their reactions. They are parts that are without a doubt not acceptable but if it's well explained and if it's meant to serve a purpose in the book, it makes all the difference.

Wait for it was a book with two characters who weren't meant to fall for each other. Characters who loved their family fiercely. It's a book filled with courage, dilemma, trust and most of all with love.

I don't know what's comes next for Molly O'Kefee but I'll sure be there waiting!

~ARC provided by the publisher in exchange of an honest review ~

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