Review: Worth The Wait by Claudia Connor

descriptionHe doesn't know how he's lived without her, but he knows he doesn't want to anymore.

Nick Walker found his one and only when he was just nineteen.

Found her.
Loved her.
Lost her.

Now this FBI Special Agent will do anything to win her back.

"A heartwrenching, second chance love story that will bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face."

"Claudia Connor at her very best!"

Nick Walker thought nothing could destroy what he had with Mia. He certainly never thought he would be the one to destroy it. But when his sister was taken, even getting her back couldn't save him. She was his responsibility. He was supposed to protect her. And he'd failed.

Now ten years later, Mia James is in Special Agent Nick Walker’s path once again and this time he’s determined to shed the weight of guilt and finally claim the future that was always meant to be theirs.

But it won’t be easy. Mia’s heart was shattered by Nick and now, just when she’d pieced it back together, it’s been broken again, bringing their past to the surface, including her own secret about that day everything went wrong.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I didn't expect Worth the Wait to be so emotional. I remember meeting Nick in Hannah's story and I wished we could have more books with the Walkers brothers. The first one being with Nick's I knew I would get a second chance romance but the many feelings that goes with it took me by surprise.

Nick has seen his whole life and future changed when his parents died. Being the legal guardian of his 3 brothers and his baby sister was a challenge he wasn't ready for at the age of nineteen. This event shaped his life and he vowed to protect his family the best way he can espacially his sister.

Not having the time to party, meeting Mia was like a dream he wasn't sure he deserved. Between dealing with his new duties and school, he found in Mia a support that quickly develops in more.

But one unfortunate event shattered everything. And most importantly he kept Nick's away of his own happiness.

"The past was still there, hanging over them. Old hurts and some new ones. In the quiet, their bodies bare, their hearts stripped. Both painfully aware of what they’d lost, but accepting they couldn't go back. They could only go forward to something new if they both chose to. But that would be the future, the great unknown."

After 10 years, Mia's life is not longer the same. The pain of losing Nick is not the only one she had. She tries to fill the deafening silence surrounding her but fall miserably. She is not sure that seeing Nick again is good for her.

Isn't time for both of them to face the past and to make peace with themselves? Isn't it time to let it go and just let love do its magic?

"His touch reminded her of the past and all they’d shared. His tender kiss drew her under, and his sure hands held her there. They undid her, reminded her of what had been, then melted and melded into what was now."

I had a hard time getting into the story because of the time frame set. All along it bugged me because there acts and seems younger than they really are. But as I was reading I was enthralled by this family. I'm really curious about Luke who seems to suffer on his own and well Zack might be my favorite - his manwhore ways won me over - and then there's Dallas who's a complete mystery.

It was also good to see Stephen McKinney so much with Hannah. It made me want to re-read their story because there are details I don't remember.

“I loved you yesterday. I’ll love you tomorrow. Every day.”

Nick and Mia's story is not an easy one. They loved each other, they still do but they have to find a way back to each other while taking into account what happened between them in the past. There was a lot of guilt and it was really painfull to read at times. Claudia Connor captures the different emotions perfectly and made her readers feels the bad but also the good.

I have a suspicion Luke is going to be next and like I said, I can't wait to read more.

~Arc provided by the author in exchange of an honest review ~

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