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Flow, the prequel to GRIP, by Kennedy Ryan is now live and TOTALLY FREE!
And GRIP, the riveting full-length conclusion, is LIVE!

descriptionResisting an irresistible force wears you down and turns you out.
I know.
I’ve been doing it for years.
I may not have a musical gift of my own, 
but I’ve got a nose for talent and an eye for the extraordinary.
And Marlon James – Grip to his fans – is nothing short of extraordinary.
Years ago, we strung together a few magical nights, but I keep those memories in a locked drawer and I’ve thrown away the key.
All that’s left is friendship and work.
He’s on the verge of unimaginable fame, all his dreams poised to come true.
I manage his career, but I can’t seem to manage my heart.
It’s wild, reckless, disobedient.
And it remembers all the things I want to forget.

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"The story reads like a movie . . powerful and intoxicating ... and sinfully sexy. GRIP has everything—dynamic characters, soulful plot, and a lesson at the end that will change the way you look at life. One of my favorite reads this year. Maybe ever. 5 massive, gripping stars from me!" -- Adriana Lock, USA Today Bestselling Author

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

6++++ Gripping beautiful Stars

Can I just say Contemporary Romance has got to be one of my favourite genres, the storytelling I love love love everything about it. Add that with Kennedy Ryan's mind this one ticked all my boxes and gave me the flutters in my stomach I thrive on feeling when I'm reading an epic read.

In the best possible way I'm not going to tell you what it's about in a matter of speaking cause frankly you as readers need to HOLD ON WITH BOTH HANDS AND HEARTS and enjoy the ride that's Grip and Bristol. But I am going to share with you my thoughts.

This is a book deals with the colour of your skin and about who you are and where you come from be that privilege or a Boyz in the hood community where your colour dictates how your labelled in the world. Yet throughout this journey, reading these beautiful pages Grip really makes you see the world through his eyes. The journey he's taken. Also how brave, unique and special he is. I just loved WHO he is, who is was and who he became. I loved the gentle, caring man he is because his mum brought him up in the best possible way. I truly loved his ethos of family, how he welcomes people in whom he loves with his whole heart. But then how he settles for nothing less than what he deserves. That in a nutshell is why I LOVED and ADORED GRIP.

This book spans over a period of time where Grip and Bristol met 8 years previously (and why you need to read Flow first) then in current times how they worked towards gaining something for themselves. Where Bristol is concerned, she's a badass fighter meaning she fights for her right to be a manager in the music business. Against all the odds of her family structure, she fought for her place in the industry, and she's worked hard for it.

She though also fell HARD for a man she thinks she can't have. That deserves more because of her background, how maybe she worries about how people will think they don't mould together BUT FOR US THEY DO. I really don't want to spoil this for you, I just want you to pick it up. So I'm finishing there but on an end note this is such a profound thought provoking and heartfelt romance.

To sum up this is an epic romance about two halves that fit a whole, about self love, about the love for your family and your community. To LOVE the right person FOR YOU. I absolutely thrive for these kind of books and will recommend this series for EVERYONE really you just need to read it for yourself.

Enjoy and sorry for the ramble.. #SlightlyEmotionalHere ❤❤

YOU MUST READ Flow which is a prequel to Grip before to start this

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+++ Soulful and colourful Stars

Ok I'm going to keep this short and sweet, I am LOVVVVING this. Can I say GRIPPP IS MINEEE I'm claiming dibs here LOL. He is perfect in every way, I loved the soul series so I kind of knew I'd fall for this likewise. Grip is everything you want in a hero, he's sensual in a music rhythm way, he's a musician in poetry and rapping and using words to explain his thoughts and feelings. And that I would say is the reason why I am falling for him, he expresses himself in a colourful way. Loves in a bright way, and this is the prequel to Grip and Bristols love story. This is how they met. Long story short Bristol comes to meet her twin brother Rhyson to work their issues out yet she spends most of her time with Grip, talking, chatting about everything including poetry and the good and the bad. They want something maybe that they shouldn't and that's just the beginning...

Kennedys writing is poetic as ever! She makes you think, ponder and love her characters. Pick it up NOW it's FREE for a limited time ~

That is all, onto Grip!!


About the Author:
Kennedy loves to write about herself in third person. She loves Diet Coke…though she’s always trying to quit. She adores her husband…who she’ll never quit. She loves her son, who is the most special boy on the planet. And she’s devoted to supporting and serving families living with Autism. And she writes love stories! For updates, new releases, giveaways and other adventures, subscribe to her newsletter:

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