Review: Fallen Heir by Erin Watt

descriptionThese Royals will ruin you.

Easton Royal has it all: looks, money, intelligence. His goal in life is to have as much fun as possible. He never thinks about the consequences because he doesn’t have to.

Until Hartley Wright appears, shaking up his easy life. She’s the one girl who’s said no, despite being attracted to him. Easton can’t figure her out and that makes her all the more irresistible.

Hartley doesn’t want him. She says he needs to grow up.

She might be right.

Rivals. Rules. Regrets. For the first time in Easton’s life, wearing a Royal crown isn’t enough. He’s about to learn that the higher you start, the harder you fall.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
3.5 Stars..

Oh gah I'm not sure how to review this. Firstly I will say this I love Erin Watt and what I say here will not make me stop me enjoying this duo.. but I'm so sorry, I'm just not in love with this story, I did enjoy parts it just didn't give me the feeling of the Royals and what I love so much about them.. UNITY!! Eeek

The positives
I felt a lot!! Angry, frustrated, upset and a pleatora of emotions while reading this still which is why I love Erin's writing. They push me to throw my kindle, or hold it to my chest while I'm considering the characters. So in that way I'm so happy I read this for one reason or another. I love Easton, he's your happy go lucky Royal and gives another dimension to the Royal family and kind mixes it up. But I also feel so sad for him, cause in many ways he's so lonely and just wants the approval of his family and friends and just doesn't know where to void his love of the world I suppose, I just want to hug him. For that I still love him.

Honestly Easton wasn't always the same man I read in paper princess, and this story didn't give me the feelings I fell for that I did in paper princess.. I'm sooo sorry..

I didn't feel greatly connected to the characters together but felt for them separately. Hartley has a lot going on herself and in that I wanted to take it all away from her but they are ONE HOT MESS TOGETHER.

There is so much back and forth Easton - I want to be friends, or I want in your knickers LOL and then Hartley - Stay the hell away eeek

I just wish their was more of a bond. That said I'm looking forward to the next book cause I'm praying everything will come good and Easton will get the reputation and love off the people he admires..

In conclusion, I still enjoyed this just not loved. And I am still recommending it cause I love these authors and I truly want these characters to be happy.. Plus I actually really enjoyed some of the secondary characters. . But I am slightly disappointed.. but please please read it for yourselves, I am still looking forward to more off Easton and Hartley, cause they really do deserve some light in their lives..

That ending though..

Enjoy Xoxo

ARC generously gifted in exchange for a honest review

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