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They were best friends until they became roommates.

They were best friends until they became roommates.

Booker Harris has spent the last several years pushing himself to become the best goalkeeper in the Championship League. Tired of living in the shadows of his headline-splashing brothers, he has finally carved a path of his own.

As a child, Poppy McAdams was content in her own little make-believe world, until the boy next door with dimples and pained eyes came barreling into her makeshift fort demanding all her attention.

Best friends for most of their lives, everything changes when Poppy abruptly leaves London for University.

Now she is back, and gone is the awkward girl from Booker’s youth. She has been replaced by a stunning woman with secrets. Secrets that Booker is desperate to know.

Sharing a bedroom wall with your best friend from childhood quickly turns to anything but sweet and innocent.
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Amy Daws has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I trust her with her words; I don't even read her blurb anymore. I'm so engrossed in the Harris Brothers that I need to know all about them.
Keeper is Booker's story and even if I wanted Gareth more, I also know I need to be patient and the rewards will be the perfect gift.

Once again, I'm in awe with how Amy writes a story that can be both emotional and fun. I've discovered her with Challenge and ever since I'm always laughing within the first 10% of the book. She knows how to put her readers' mind at ease and know how to captivate them right away. She gives characters depth, backstory and you are right away 100% invested in what is going to happen. In Endurance and in Keeper, she adds an emotional twist that I didn't suspect.

I thought Booker would be all amusing with no pressure but it wasn't. That man is a guy with insecurities and quite a lot of baggage. If I have one small thing to add it would be that I wanted a little more information on what Booker's childhood was. We got some flashbacks but I wanted more. It was maybe the only time where I felt I should have read Vi's story before because maybe there are some more insight of what the Harris brothers' life was. But really this is so small regarding to everything happening in the book.

I felt the attachment Poppy & Booker had. I felt the loss Booker had when Poppy left. I felt Poppy's helplessness when she had to face her feelings for her best friends. I felt everything that matters.

"There are certain people that cross your path in life whom you will change your entire direction to follow."

Poppy & Booker are endearing characters and being back to best friends when you didn't see each other for the last 6 years might be harder than they both thought. They are grown up and they've changed. Being back to their old-self is practically impossible.

Poppy has such a sparkling personality; it's futile to try to resist her. She hides a wound she had to keep for 6 long years but she's willing to let her past behind to have a fresh start.

“The pleasure of love lasts a moment, but the pain of losing it lasts a lifetime.”

As a keeper, Booker is always focus, he's an analyser but over the years he might have missed quite a few signs in his personal life. And there comes the emotional factor that took me completely off guards. Booker has a heart of gold but he's really not good with feelings and letting his heart feels true emotions.

When the attraction becomes too much, resisting was futile. Giving in was the only option even if nothing will be the same, maybe it's for the best, maybe it's what needed to happen.

“You smell so fucking good here.” He kisses my belly and crawls up my body, holding himself off of me with his muscled arms. “And here.” He kisses the divot between my breasts. “Here.” He kisses the space below my ear. “Here.” He kisses my lips. “Everywhere. And I’m going to fucking taste you again because you are making me lose my bloody mind, Poppy.”

Being with a Harris means bonding with a bunch of other people. Family is important and to get back with all of them was as usual the cherry on the cake. The twins are still so funny, Vi is the mommy we all want and Gareth is still a mystery I want to unwrap.

Now that I'be been a good girl can I have my reward?

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Locking secret eyes with Belle, I quickly unwrap my purple ice treat and pop it in my mouth. I lean across the counter so I’m only a foot away from Booker, who’s now watching my lips. “So, Booker”—I suck hard and then take a nibble, my tongue swiping out to catch the syrupy liquid on my lips—“Do you know anyone who might be good for me?”
“Good for you for what?” Booker asks, his face devoid of any humour as he stares at my mouth with heat in his eyes.
“For a date. I thought maybe a teammate of yours might be good because they are familiar with Tower Park. They could show me around the stadium after the wedding. Give me a tour.” I wink.
His face turns red. “You’re not taking one of my fucking teammates to my brother’s wedding.”
“Why not?” I ask innocently and then plunge the lolly back in my mouth, going deeper this time.
He frowns as he watches my lips. “Because if you want a bloody tour of Tower Park, I can give you one.”
Rolling my eyes, I reply, “Fine, he doesn’t have to give me a tour. But I’m out of touch with people since I left, and you have a gaggle of teammates, Book. Surely you know someone who wouldn’t hate to spend the evening with me.”
“Roan DeWalt would be fun for her!” Vi interjects, snapping everyone’s attention to her as she whisks something in a bowl.
Tanner pipes up next. “Over my dead body he’s coming to my wedding. I’ve finally stopped wishing dismemberment on the prat.”
“It was only a suggestion!” Vi peals, looking perplexed. “It’s just that I set him up with our cousin Alice and she loved him! Roan is a South African dreamboat.” She waggles her eyebrows at me and I can’t help but smile.  
Suddenly, Booker stands, his stool screeching on the marble floor as he pushes it away. “Not Roan. Not any Bethnal players. None of them would work. You’re not their type.”
I hear Vi suck in a breath of air, and my cheeks heat with embarrassment. “Why not?” My jaw is tight with anger as my ice lolly drips, forgotten between my two fingers.
His fists clench on the counter. “Because I know you, Poppy. You’re not the kind of girl they’d go for.”
The way he’s acting gets right up my nose. I wanted to make him jealous, but that’s not what’s happening. He’s insinuating I’m not good enough for his mates, as if they’d never go for anyone like me. He doesn’t even know me as an adult. He’s pigeonholing me into the Poppy he thought he used to know. It’s complete and utter shit! “If you actually think I’m not good enough for your team—”
“They’re not good enough for you!” he shouts, interrupting me as he leans over the counter to get in my face. Booker eyes me hard, clearly not amused by my request. “No teammates, Pop. Not Roan. Not anyone. Got it?” His shoulders rise and fall as he pins me with the most aggressive face I’ve ever seen on him.
I can tell the moment he snaps out of it because his neck turns red and he looks around at his family, who are all staring at us with their mouths open. He shoves two hands through his hair as he turns on his heel and strides out the back door and into the garden.
It’s quiet in the kitchen as everyone sits there gobsmacked.  
“Wrong button,” Tanner quips and Belle elbows him in the ribs. I turn my red face to look at her and she nods with reassurance.
“I hope you girls know what you’re doing,” Vi says. Then she wipes her hands off and tosses the tea towel in front of me as she scurries out after Booker.

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