Review: Fairytale Kisses by Kim Bailey

descriptionA hopeless romantic.
A disheartened cynic.
An unforgettable kiss. 

Caleb Anderson believes in fairy tales. At least, he wants to.
Despite battling cancer, defeating death, and an overprotective family, he believes in promises of forever, enchanted encounters, and love at first sight. He knows his perfect girl is out there …
If only he could find her.

Zadie Fisher doesn’t believe in love. At least, she doesn’t want to.
Despite undeniable attraction, second chances, and resurrected hope, she doesn’t believe in soulmates, true love, or happily ever after. Not anymore. She knows falling in love is a mistake …
If only she could avoid it.

But fate has a funny way of twisting things, and some mistakes are destined to be made. 

Most fairy tales start with Once Upon A Time ...
This one starts with a kiss.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Full disclosure, I'm a huge fan of Kim Bailey and she's a dear friend. I've wanted Caleb's book from the second I met him as the adorable 14-year-old flirt in Complex Kisses. I just knew he would steal hearts. So as I'm sure Kim will tell you, I cheered her on and waited patiently (okay, maybe not patiently all the time) for this book. It was worth the wait!

Caleb may be young but he's an old soul and wise beyond his years, so falling for an older woman made perfect sense. Zadie and Caleb's story is what fairy tales are made of. There are many obstacles including the heroine who doesn't know she needs saving, even if from herself. She's had nothing in her life to help her believe in fairy tales and HEA. Caleb has his work cut out for him. But I loved how tenacious he was. Unwavering in his pursuit.

Caleb's a true knight in shining armour who will steal your heart while winning the heart of the woman he loves. Caleb's a book boyfriend for the ages.

And there are battles, both grand and small, before the hero and his leading lady can find true love and happily ever after.

The writing was flawless, the feelings deep and wide-ranging and the story: one-of-a-kind. I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing the characters from Ms. Bailey's other books. She also gives you a taste, or more like a delicious TEASE, for the next book. I'm already jonesing for Dylan's story!

Dylan and Chantal steal any scene that they're in and that's saying somethin' because all the characters are standouts. I want their story NOW!

This is a MUST READ!

**ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review.**

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*4.5 stars *

I owe Kim a huge thank you for giving me a copy of her book! If it wasn't for her asking me to review I'm not sure I would have read Fairytale Kisses and I'll be missing out a fabulous love story and most specifically a true gentleman.

I had fears before reading Caleb's book. I knew who he was because I read Illicit Kisses (view spoiler) I let this fear overcome my desire to know more about Kim's writing. I'm not really proud because I'm usually more of a daring reader but if there's one word I try to avoid at all cost is the big C word or all things related to illness.
Still I should have known better, I should have tried and see for myself as I usually do. Because there's no real fear to have here, there's only an incredible writing style with a well paced story line and two people needing each other to find their happiness.

Fairytale Kisses can be read a standalone. If you are curious about Caleb and his family, I strongly advice to read Complex Kisses first but I enjoyed reading his story alone.
I've discovered a young man who wanted to escape all the pressure a survivor of cancer can feel. His emotions are so tangible, I wanted to help him feel something else than what people thought they knew.

“Hung up on childish fantasies, looking for a princess to save. True love, epic romance—am I fooling myself? Probably. But part of me has always believed, always known. This is life’s purpose. To genuinely live. To love absolutely.”

Meeting Zadie is like the right thing at the right time. He recognizes in her what's broken.
In his pursuit, he's persistent while she's reluctant.
It wasn't an easy path; more of a rocky one but the pace of the book was set perfectly so you are fully immersed in their relation. You get to witness them falling in love, especially Caleb. I had some troubles with Zadie, she frustrated me a few times but when it comes to getting back to her sense, she doesn't disappoint.

“Sometimes there’s no choice, Zadie. Sometimes, the strength finds us.”

Kim's writing is engaging, she has a few surprises in her sleeve and I was really caught of guards more than once! - Especially the last one that I should have seen coming from a mile away -
That's the beauty of this book, it keeps you on your toes without you realizing it. It adds elements you are not expecting; it gives you more than a love story.

“You’ve already stolen most of me, but I want to give you everything. All of me.”

Caleb is without a doubt your next book boyfriend! Young but mature, you'll swoon at the way he acts and the words he says. Just let him let you until the end.

Now Kim, I'm sorry to say that I'm going to turn into a crazy stalker because ... Dylan!!! I call dibs... He's mine... well not only mine but you get the idea ;)

~I voluntary read with the kindness of the author a copy of this wonderful book ~

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