Review: I'm Sawree by B.B. Laque

WARNING: Graphic adult content that may be very disturbing to some readers. May contain triggers, proceed at your own risk. This book is extremely dark, please take this warning under advisement before deciding to read.

★NO HEA OR HFN . . . Happily never after maybe

★★•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

I’m Sawree Reese and one day I happened to find the mutilated bodies of nine people—crazy right? Shit like that changes you into something you never imagined and we all cope in different ways—mine is art


Gruesome art

When that doesn’t work I turn to the most evil and sadistic man I’ve ever known—Master Sterling

He has ways of helping me exorcise the demons that are totally heinous, but they work . . . until they don’t


I’m STERLING—I’m the closest thing to a demon you’ll ever find in a man

I have a vested interest in Sawree Reese that goes well beyond the atrocities I relish in my dungeon.

Some fear me . . . others respect me . . . and those who choose to deny my existence will ultimately pay the price

Sometimes you know the game . . . Sometimes you know the players . . . Then there are times when everything you thought you knew is thrown out the window

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If there's one thing you should know about this book before reading it's that you have to take the author's warning very seriously. Just to be sure I'll repeat them:

No Romance None. Nichts. Zero. Nothing.
No Hero Absolutely not! Quite the opposite. One twisted hideous villain.
NO HEA That one is harder to accept but this is maybe the most important because if you need it, you won't have it.

You next question would be: Why read it then? That's actually a good question, one I've asked myself several times while reading. The most obvious answer I found would be because you want to have your mind fucked and spend hours looking for some answers. To be honest I'm not sure I understood all the twist and turns in this book, I think I need a re-read to understand all innuendos. This is so complex and when the times come for the big reveal, you'll be stunned for sure!

As you may notice, this book is a dark erotica but I'll add this, to me there are dark books, there are erotica books and dark erotica then there's I'm Sawree ... a category on its own.

This book wasn't an easy read for me; it wasn't even a pleasant one. I spend a lot of time debating with myself why I should keep reading, what was the purpose of such a story, what was the message the author wanted to deliver. At the end, I think this story is incredibly sad. I don't want to give anything away because this is one kind of read that you have to know nothing more than the blurb and warnings before you decide to read.

The author will push each and every of your limits and she will put your through hell. You won't have much information; you'll have to trust the author to give you what you need to understand this mess-up world you'll be thrown in.

Let's just say that now you are warned ;)

~I voluntary read a copy of this book provided by the author~

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