Review: The Boudreaux series by Kristen Proby

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Oh man I don’t even know where to start. I am doing a sum up of the whole series than review of this book..

I am in January blues shall I say. So you know what I did? I started to read a Kristen Proby book just wanted a pure escapism and I just love her books for that, not realising how addicting her characters are (well I knew this) but once I started I couldn’t stop so I brought the whole lot and I’ve read 6 books within 10 days or so.. one after the next I’ve lived, felt and loved every one of this family.

Gah ok well here goes. This is a series of Men that protect what’s theirs, they love fiercely and they have fun doing that. The girls are chatty, love shoes and all girly things but also love lots of sexy times too.. but ultimately this series bottom line is about family. I have cuddled up to my kindle with them all but I’d say my favourites were Declan and Callies story (Easy Melody #3) Beau and Mallory (Easy Magic #5) I don’t know that story just spoke to my heart. And lastly this one Ben and Savannah’s story (Easy nights #6)...

There is nothing else to say but if you haven’t read it then grab them with both your hands and cuddle up to this family that will just melt your heart in the best way possible.

That is all

Kt Xoxo

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