Review: Loyalty by Bethany-Kris

descriptionFresh out of prison after serving a three-year sentence, Johnathan Marcello wants to get back to normal business as a mafia capo. The rules set out for him are clear—keep out of trouble, maintain a low profile, and stay stable. But stability is a delicate balance for a man like John, and shaky ground is only a single step away. 

A chance encounter with a blue-eyed woman might just change his whole world. 

Siena Calabrese’s life revolves around cooking numbers, and scrubbing books clean. After all, a girl is only useful to men in the mafia, if she isn’t totally useless. As long as she does what they want, then she can maintain the illusion of freedom. But illusions are only delusions in the grand scheme of her life, and reality is far more dangerous. 

A man with secrets might just be the one thing she didn’t know she needed. 

In this life, family is everything. Or, that’s how it should be. 


Mix it all together, and it makes for a volatile city. 

A war is coming.

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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

THIS book!! OMG, just sayin' it up front - it's a MUST READ!!

I'm always engrossed with BK's books. I LOVE mafia romances, no surprise, and Bethany is my Queen. When I want a fix of La Cosa Nostra, action, suspense and romance, and most importantly, the anti-heroes that make my heart beat wildly, Bethany is my go-to. So I totally expected Loyalty to check all my boxes, and it did!

But what I didn't expect was the added complexity and emotion given this story also deals with mental illness. John Marcello not only has to deal with the responsibilities of being in the mob and all that goes with that, he's bipolar. BK masterfully weaves a tale that balances both the light and the dark in a way that was sublime! Truly originally, but raw and real.

And Siena Calabrese is one kickass heroine. I loved her and couldn't wish for anyone else for John. Their story and romance is simply amazing! And the chemistry between these two is scorching!! Their relationship was so pure and special. They drew me in really quick, and I didn't want this book to end.

I'm anxiously awaiting the next book! It can't come soon enough!

**ARC received from the author. I voluntarily reviewed.**

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